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3 Weird Things You Won’t Realise Until You Have Children

Having kids are a blessing. Nothing quite matches the joy and thrill of bringing a new life into the world. It’s an unmatched experience that forever changes you.

You’ll need to prepare for the ride of your life as nothing is quite like raising and nurturing children. It’s a roller coaster experience that’ll sometimes leave your heart feeling like it’ll burst with love. Other times, their tantrums will leave wanting to tear your hair out.

It’s fun, blissfully stressful, and highly rewarding. People who already have kids know this. But if you’re planning to have yours, better be ready for an exciting journey. Here’s a peek into the things you won’t realise until after you’ve had the kids.

Sleep Deprivation Becomes the Norm

If you often feel like 5 hours of sleep isn’t enough, wait until you have kids. If you think you know what sleep deprivation is, you don’t –not until you have kids. Newborns in particular are pretty demanding that way.

The “little crooks” will sleep all day and stay awake all night. It’s as if they’re saying “how dare you go to sleep when I’m awake?”. So, the smart thing many new parents do is catch some sleep whenever the opportunity presents itself. Remember how you used to have a sleep schedule?

Well, it’s bye-bye sleep schedule when you have a newborn in the house and welcome power naps. You won’t realise just how good your 5 hours of sleep is until you have a baby. Then, that 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep becomes the “good ol’ times”.

They Will Surprise You in Unexpected Ways

Babies are so unpredictable and funny that you’ll sometimes, find yourself howling with laughter or smiling when you see or remember their antics. For instance, you may not like it when adults make faces at you.

But when your baby does, you’ll find yourself laughing or grinning. And they make the cutest sounds that clearly show that they like you. Live in these moments and try to capture as many of these moments as possible.

Why? Well, because some of their pranks and actions are fleeting. Sometimes, babies wake up with completely new behaviours –some learned, others natural. That’s why it’s the ride of your life. If you like a sense of unpredictability, look no further than babies.

You’re Living “the Dream” Right Now

Right now, you’re on your time, living for yourself, hopefully doing big things, and doing whatever you want to do. Have a craving to go visit Ibiza this fall? Why not. As long as you’ve got the money, you can be in Ibiza in a few hours.

Do you want to get some gifts for your favourite nephews –foryourlittleone has good inventory? Sure you can. Want to splurge on a spa session this weekend? Go for it. When you have kids, all that “freedom” is gone. Traveling and holiday trips are no longer as spontaneous. You live and breathe by schedules –and even then, schedules are more like placeholders as kids can fall ill at any time.

So, now that you’re single or married but without kids, make the most of this time, so you can look back on them with fondness when you’re grounded and unable to live on a whim. But in spite of all these, you will be thoroughly delighted by the experience of having kids.


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