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somewhere along the line I fell off the jetty and landed in a carnival, a sort of vagabond adventure and, well, here we are.

my name is william hunter howell, commander of my mad mad little family, best-selling author of some books, loyal servant to the true president, barack obama. Father to a cheeky little girl, sweetheart to the gorgeous madre of my bambino. and i will keep exploring , in this life and the next. 

i can only apologise for my idiosyncrasies. just be grateful your not my mad little family who has to put up with me constantly talking in a gladiator voice. okay i don't really  do that. what i do is write. oh and i encourage my kid to be weird and ridiculous because being weird and ridiculous is better than the alternative. so yeah, we have fun as family. we live life and explore and laugh, and not a day has past where i haven't ended it by whispering in my Phoebe's ear "stay weird, stay wonderful, stay you... and keep dancing with the fairies, it's much more fun than growing up." 

welcome to my mad little family. 


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