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Debunking The Maddest Myths About Parenthood

There are loads of crazy myths surrounding the whole idea of becoming a parent. Funnily enough, most of these myths come from your mate who's single and has never had a child before in their lives. Or, they come from that middle-aged bloke at the pub who had four divorces by the time he's 50. You get so many different opinions on what it's like when you become a parent, and a lot of them are fairly negative.

So, I thought screw that, let's have a look at some of these myths and see if we can debunk them once and for all!

You'll never have fun again

Definitely a myth from someone that really doesn't get parenthood at all. There's a massive misconception that, when you become a dad or a mum, your life instantly turns boring. In reality, you can still have so much fun - only you have an extra person or two to have fun with! Kids are great in the sense that anything is enjoyable to them. I feel like a flipping comedian at times when I'm playing with the kids; everyone is rolling around laughing the whole time. So, yes, you most certainly will have fun when you're a parent.

You have to sacrifice so much

Will you make sacrifices as a parent? Yes, but nowhere near to the extremes that people will make you believe. A common example is people saying that you need to get rid of your nice car, head to a boring car garage and pick up a boring old family car that's safe and dull. Yeah, you can do that, but you can also get some pretty mad or crazy family cars as well. Plus, you can always have a nice little sports car to use on the weekends without getting your kids involved.

The bottom line is that you don't really have to sacrifice much as a parent, nowhere near as much as people make you think. These days, most parents both work full-time jobs, so you don't even need to sacrifice your career.

Kids will ruin your relationship

God, how many times have we heard this? Don't have kids, it will ruin your relationship!!! Will it Sandra, will it really? Or was your relationship already on the ropes before you had a child? Maybe you should think before you start providing relationship advice to everyone else.

Sorry, sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there. You get the point, kids won't ruin your relationship if you have a strong relationship. As long as the two of you are ready to have a baby and are both committed to pulling your weight, the child won't ruin things. If anything, they can help strengthen relationships as you become closer as a family and gain a new level of respect for one another.

Upon reaching the conclusion, it has just struck me that this seems like an advert for having children. You don't have to have them, this isn't my way of forcing everyone to have kids!! Instead, it's more of an honest look at three of the biggest parenthood myths, so you can see that they've very much been busted.


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