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My Dad Of The Week: Anonymous But Legendary

This slide-tackling dad isn't just good for a few laughs. He is also important to parents the world over. He should be discussed in classrooms and revered by history because of the world we live in; a world where kids get medals for partaking, the very existence of rugby is being threatened by cottonwool buyers and kids are allowed to win all the time, which only sets them up for a pretty hard fall.

Yeah, this dad is needed now more than ever because this dad is preparing his daughter for the school of hard knocks. He has mastered the lost art of toughen up his little girls bottom lip, preparing her for the pain and suffering of adulthood and the life of heartache that strikes us all... and he has done all this with a slide tackle. Fantastic.

You, sir, are quite rightly my dad of the week.

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