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How To Not Go Crazy When Camping With Your Family

We've spoken about camping before and how amazing it is to explore the great outdoors with your little ones. Blah blah blah, you've heard it all before! Like all parents, you're definitely raising an eyebrow at the concept that camping is all fun and games. By all means, it can be, but it can also be a stress-inducing nightmare when you're stuck in close proximity to your family for many nights on end.

Would anyone blame you for going crazy? No.

Still, we have to be responsible adults, which means we can't let ourselves go insane. Thankfully, I'm here to save the day with some helpful tips to ensure you definitely don't go crazy when camping with your family.

Bring plenty of games

Honestly, the more games the better. There is nothing worse than a child that isn't distracted. When a child has nothing to be distracted by, they will moan and pester you for hours on end. In a weird way, you're proud of them for sticking to something for so long, it shows great commitment. It's just a shame that they chose to moan instead of finding ways to entertain themselves. So, you should provide games that they can play when they get bored. Literally, bring any games you can think of; card games, board games, outdoor games, solo games - anything that keeps them occupied and gives you some peace.

Get a motorhome

If you camp a lot, it is definitely worth buying a motorhome. Camping in a little tent with your children will be a nightmare after the first or second night. They complain about how uncomfortable it is, you may also find it too cramped or hot, and you have no home comforts. Instead, you have options like Adria motorhomes that give you more space than a tent, more home comforts, and room to breathe. When everyone feels more comfortable and at ease, there's less chance of you getting on each other's nerves.

Obviously, you don't have to buy a motorhome if you don't think you'll use it that often. Instead, try booking static caravans when you camp - just do anything to avoid being stuck in a tent!

Go to a proper campsite

Make sure you book your family in at a proper campsite when you go on your camping trip. Why? Because there will be other families, meaning other kids!! This gives your kids a chance to run off and play around the campsite, finding new friends. It's actually a cute experience for them, but it relieves so much stress for us parents. You can relax while they occupy themselves with all the different activities around the site.

Choosing to camp in the middle of the woods or anywhere that's not a campsite is a very brave move. However, you don't get any extra points for bravery, so don't be silly, book yourself into a campsite.

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid a bout of craziness when camping with your family. I say 'hopefully' as I cannot 100% guarantee that any family holiday will be free from craziness...but this will reduce the chances of you going crazy, at least!


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