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Essential Camping Checklist To Make An Outdoorsy Holiday A Dream

Taking the family camping is a fabulous way of being able to have a break from day to day life at a very reasonable price. It also poses the opportunity to teach your children a trick or two about general survival skills, and allow them to roam free while you sit back and enjoy the time away from your usual hectic schedule. However, leaving a few essentials behind can make your family holiday turn into a family hell, so here’s an essential camping checklist so that you can sit back and look forward to the amazing heat (we’re having a summer this year right?!) and quality family time together.

Blow up beds

You may think that sleeping on the floor will be alright for a few days but trust me, after a night on the floor you will want something softer to fall into slumber on. You can get a few double blow up beds to cover the ‘bedroom’ compartment so that you can all sleep in comfort!


Going back to the hope for a glorious summer leads onto not forgetting to take hay fever tablets. This is especially important when camping because you’re constantly so close to nature, and pollen will easily affect any hayfever sufferers.

The tent (just kidding, but seriously, don’t forget the tent)

You can buy tents from almost anywhere these days, and they are reasonably priced too! Why not go mad and buy a tent where you can all have your own private rooms? It will make being cooped up together a problem of the past!

Battery powered light (and batteries)

Many people forget that out in the wilderness there’s not a lot of light unless you’ve got a full moon and have chosen a well lit campsite. Remember to take a battery powered light for those trips to the toilet in the middle of the night. Of course, batteries need to go on the list too so that you’re not stuck in a sticky situation.

Beer cooler

For your food and milk so that come morning you can make yourself a nice cuppa. And of course the beers. Can’t forget the beers.

Gas camping stove

If you’re not planning on eating out every night, then it’s a good idea to pick yourself up a gas camping stove. These usually have one or two rings in which you can easily cook food while your sausages are cooking nicely on the BBQ.

Lots of blankets

Even if we do get the summer that we are all hoping for, you will be surprised at how cold the temperature gets at night. Be sure to pack plenty of blankets in case the need arises and so you don’t have to resort to sleeping in the car! If you don’t end up needing them for warmth reasons, they will come in great handy to sit on!

Follow this checklist and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful and cheap holiday with your family. Now to check whether to pack an umbrella or not closer to the time! Happy camping!

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