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How To Be a Supportive Partner During Their Toughest Times

Because life isn't easy. But it can be made better with love, care and support.

When you’re in a relationship, especially marriage and/or co-parenting, whatever problem your partner has, those are almost always going to be your problems too. You both are a union; those dirty dishes that’s been piling up for several days are not just their problem; it’s yours too. While relationships can be give and take, something that’s totally normal and fine, sometimes, there comes a point where all you can really do is just give and hope they take. Listen, being a dad can be tough, but if your partner is struggling and a lot more work falls on you, then you need to just tread through it.

Sure, we’re all gonna die, and you should enjoy the ride, but you also need to make sure your partner can enjoy the ride, too, especially when they’re able to overcome these tough obstacles. So, here’s what you need to be a supportive partner, especially as a parent, when they’re dealing with tough times.

Start Off with Asking and Listening

As a partner, your first instinct is to want to immediately help; it’s natural, it’s fine, and it’s great. You could even say that it’s a superpower. But sometimes, you’re going to feel powerless, and honestly, that’s okay. One of the best ways to help your partner through a tough time is to empathize with them. However, this doesn’t mean you should try to fix their problem or “save” them like all superheroes want to do. Rather, you should encourage them to open up and name the emotions they’re having so that they can start to process them and move on. Having them just know that you’re able to listen to them is going to help out a lot.

Offer To Do Something They Don’t Want To Do

Maybe they’re too busy looking for female doctors due to health-related issues; maybe they don’t want to clean, maybe they can’t. Maybe they don’t want to pick up the kids from school or practice or even cook ( perfect for getting pizza). Just use this as a time to lift things from their shoulders. Your partner's hands and mind are basically tied up with whatever it is that is making them struggle, so if you’re able to carry the weight of their responsibilities, even for a little while, this is going to help out a lot.

Know When to be Light-Hearted

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so why not be their handsome and irresistible doctor? Being light-hearted and funny, especially if you’re the funny one in the relationship, is totally key; chances are, that’s why they fell head over heels for you in the first place. But you gotta remember that there is a time and a place for being funny and light-hearted. By all means, you should be a clown when your partner is down, but they’re rejecting it, then know it’s serious and maybe try some other time. But in the meanwhile, you don’t always need to be funny; just being cheery and showing love can speak super high volumes for your support for them.

Thanks for reading.


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