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We Are All Going To Die. So, You Might As Well Enjoy The Ride.

There are three certainties in this life. Death. Taxes. And your child needing the toilet just as you’re about to leave the home. We can probably all agree that the first of those issues is the one that people fear most.

Narrowly beating the fear of your child informing you that they lost the photo finish to the bathroom…

Rather than fearing the scythe, why not stick two fingers up to the Grim Reaper by living life to the fullest? Here’s how to do it in style.

Be Prepared For Death

Right, let’s get the boring bit out of the way… While you shouldn’t fear death, accepting its inevitability is healthy. Especially as a parent.

Until you put the necessary provisions in place, your lack of organisation will continue to play on your mind. Even if it’s subconsciously. Putting life insurance in place instantly lifts a weight from your shoulders. Likewise, paying for your funeral in advance can work wonders. Check out to learn more. You will not regret it.

Aside from knowing that you’ve protected your family, it removes any threat of your weird cousin trying to take over.

Spend Time With The People You Love

Life is short, so you must get to spend it doing the things you like with the people you love. Better still, it’s a great incentive to cut toxic people out of your life. Win-win.

As a parent, you will take great pride in simply helping your child succeed in life. However, you also need to find family hobbies, enjoy travel, and create magical memories at home. Will your kids cause you stress? Absolutely. Still, when you look back on the moments, it’s the love and laughter that you’ll remember.

In short, you need to “live, laugh, love”. Just avoid any temptation to add signs of this mantra around the home. They are dreadful.


Your career and other life aspects pale into insignificance when compared to spending time with your family. Still, there is a human itch for personal growth. Scratch the bloody thing!

This could manifest itself in many ways. You could learn another language with tools like Or you may want to cook, learn an instrument, or work towards a promotion at work. One way or another, you must constantly look to better yourself. Otherwise, you’re not really living.

Besides, it’s always good to have something you can boast about when catching up with friends or attending an extended family member’s wedding.

But Still Look After Yourself

Death is an inevitability, but you can delay it. Don’t be one of those that does not take care of their health only to regret it in later life.

Some Dalai Lama quotes are a little ludicrous. But his “man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health” one is a belter. Of course, you should make healthy living fun. But this is just another reason to play games with your children, find active hobbies, and eat well.

Take care of your health and you’ll live longer. And you’ll be a better parent, person, and lover. You’ve got this.


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