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Dads, You Gotta Use A Dealership to Buy Your Next Car

So, you are looking to buy a car, but how much do you really know about cars other than tire kicking and sitting in the driving seat? If your idea of fixing a problem is turning the radio up, then you might need to consider making that next purchase from a dealership.

Not everyone knows everything about cars. And while you should at least know how to fill up your oil and water (under the bonnet, BTW, if you need reminding) and understand what the lights on your dashboard mean (red: danger, not a disco light), anything else is generally far out of peoples skill sets. That's okay; I mean, this is why you have qualified mechanics and not just Dave from around the corner, who is always tinkering away with his 1950s Ford in the street with his trusty Hayes manual in hand (FYI, even Dave doesn't know what he is doing really. He is escaping the missus!), as a font of knowledge on all things cars to help them learn a few tips or give them well-intentioned but generally bad advice.

Visiting a car showroom isn't always going to be the bad experience the media portrays it to be. For those who need more advice and support, it can be beneficial. Read on for top reasons why novice car owners must buy from car salesrooms.

Expert Knowledge

Now, your average salesperson might not know much more about the mechanics and inner workings under the hood than poor old Dave from around the corner. Still, they will know the brand and model of the car they are selling and any history of it from its previous owner. Sure, some might be prone to embellishments and skimming over important details, but generally, their knowledge can go a long way if you want to know about the type of car you are buying. Plus, their many years in the industry will have left them privy to information and tidbits that can and most likely be useful in the future.

Easier Financing

If you are buying that 2020 plate Tesla from a private seller and don't have the funds upfront, then the onus is on you to source the right loan or car finance yourself. Dealerships, however, will work with many lenders and have everything set up and ready for you to apply. A volkswagen dealership will offer you a range of choices to sit your buying needs, from HP to PCP options and more, taking the hassle out of how you are going to pay for your car, and also, you know, avoiding scams which are good, especially if that Tesla turns out to be a 2000 Ford Focus with the F changed to a T and a spoiler on the back!

More Comeback

While you might find a better bargain via private sales, there is generally little recourse, even from honest sellers. You get what you pay for and all that. But shopping via a dealership or used car salesroom means you get the same protection as other cases, meaning you can benefit from free or extended warranties put in place by the sale company, and you have a 30-day guarantee that should the car not be fit for purpose or develop an issue you weren't told about, you can have your seller rectify it or return the vehicle within 30 days of purchase like you can with those jeans you bought for your holiday that were a size too small but you thought you might be able to get in but couldn't.

Basically, what this post is getting at is to protect yourself and give yourself the best chance possible of buying the right car, and honestly, not all dealerships or used car salespeople are bad, honest!


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