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First-Timers Guide To Buying A New Family Car

So you’re buying a new car for the first time. Brace yourself for a cold serving of adulthood. We all wanted to grow up so quickly as kids that we didn’t quite realise just how uninteresting adulthood can be. We’re wishing to be younger again as soon as we start receiving monthly bills in the post with our names on it.

However, even with a flexible budget, it’s important to know some of the top tips to buy a new car for the first time.

What’s your budget?

How much do you have to spend on your new car? Is it in the thousands and you’re lucky enough to buy it outright? Perhaps you’re someone who is looking it put it on finance - much like you would with a new smartphone for example.

Budget is important because you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re paying too much for a car that you can’t upkeep. Everyone is going to be different when it comes to budgeting their money for a car. Make sure you focus on your own needs financially when it comes to budgeting for a new car.

Assess the features and specs required

With every car, comes a different set of specs and features. For your household and for you as a driver, you want to be aware of what you need and what you should be looking for in all of the cars that are available on the market for you.

After you’ve figured out your budget, you’ll then want to think about what it is you want from a car. Perhaps you need a people carrier for your growing brood? Perhaps it’s more to do with a technology-heavy car that will cater to your modern needs.

Approach different dealers

Dealers will all have their own targets that they need to meet every month and every quarter. As a paying customer, that means you hold the power when it comes to shopping for a new car. Don’t feel like you have to remain loyal to the last dealer you bought from as you may find that there’s plenty more choice in new cars at another dealership.

Certain dealers will offer specific cars and car models, so it’s worth exploring the market. For example, if you want a big car, then check out these station wagon dealers. While you may get berated for having a big car, you’ve still got a big car to rule the road with.

Take it for a spin

Before you go handing over your life savings - take the car for a spin. That doesn’t mean a drag race or doing literal spins on your local supermarket car park late at night. Consider taking the car for a test drive to understand whether or not this is the right match for your driving needs.

Buying a new car is costly, especially when it comes to buying one that’s brand new. If you’re blessed to be able to buy a new car - congratulations to you!


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