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They’re Going Back To School Soon, Huh? What Do We Have To Do Again?

The summer months are coming to a close. They were fun, weren’t they? We actually managed to get a little sunshine this time. Did you get yourselves a lovely tan? You probably did. If you didn’t, then you’re crazy because it was, like, record temperatures or something.

Anyway, with this somewhat sombre summer ending, September gives us a new chapter. A new era in many ways. We’re talking, of course, about the first day back at school – or the first day of school if your kids are that particular age. As parents, you’ve probably had to do a lot more than usual, so I’m sure it’s nice to be able to throw them back into somebody else’s care for a little bit!

School is a wonderful thing, and the idea of our kids changing from dopey little things to competent humans is beautiful. Getting them sorted and making sure everything is ready, though? Yeah, that’s a little less beautiful. There’s quite a lot of things to do, and you’re always doubting whether you’ve finished every task, right? Well, if you’re in that current frame of mind, why not read on and see if you can’t get any more pointers before that first day begins.

Get Into That Routine

This is kind of important. There routine might be pretty tight at the moment. If that’s the case: go you! But it’s understandable if their morning and evening routines are pretty loose right now. It’s their summer break; they’re allowed to have a little fluidity in their patterns. They’ve got to get into that school morning routine soon, though. Otherwise, it could be complete carnage when the day arrives.

Arrange The Transport And After-School Stuff

Getting them to school might be a problem if you have to work. The bills are more important than the kids. I’m obviously kidding. In all seriousness, the transporting bit can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have things sorted out. If you know other parents, then it would be wise to try and work something out with them.

If, after school is over, they have nobody to pick them up, and you’re still at work, make sure you sign them up for the after school program. Don’t leave them out in the cold like Homer did to Bart that one time. I know that’s a cartoon, but it looked pretty awful.

Remember To Buy EVERYTHING

You’ve got some purchasing to do. Well, actually, you have loads to do. Equipment, stationery, a uniform – that’s some costly stuff. Sometimes you even have to buy the school’s sports clothes. The rugby kit is usually awful, too. If only you could design your own school rugby kit and use that instead, it would be a lot less boring. The school provides a lot, so I understand why we have to get our own stuff, but darn, it’s a little dear.

Make Sure They’ve Completed Work

Sometimes the kids are given work to do over the summer. What a drag. Just make sure it’s all done and dusted. You don’t want them getting into bother on the first day. There’s so many months ahead for them to do all that stuff.

Somehow Convince Them It’s Fun

As the first day (back) looms, the kids will probably try to get out of it. The majority of them don’t like school, remember, and they’ve gotten into their comfort zone at home over the past couple of months. It’s your job to now convince them that what they’re about to enter is going to be great for them. Try doing it without bursting into tears of laughter. Laughing will probably give it away.

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