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Dads Can Be Cool You Know...

It has long been told that us dads are just not cool. We’re stuck with that label, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Or is there…? It’s time for us to stick up for what we know. Yes, we might be plagued with the dreaded dad dancing that none of us can stop. Yes, we might make terrible dad jokes, at all the wrong moments, especially when our kids friends are around. Yes, we might wear the most embarrassing clothes in the world. One final yes, those are all the view of our children!! They are the ones creating the picture of an embarrassing dad, and we’re here to change that. Have a read of the bits of advice we have below for you, and see if you think it can turn you from that embarrassing day, straight to a cool one, even if the eyes of your children!

Dad Fashion

Dad fashion is a stigma that we struggle with. For a dad to dress in anything other than loose fitted jeans, and perhaps a polo or T-shirt with a bit of a design on it, is just unheard of in the eyes of children and possibly the odd peer. However, we’re here to revolutionise your dad fashion. If you check out websites such as SEEK Attire, what do you think? If you’re not used to fashion, or knowing what is what, then you might struggle with this. What’s in at the moment, and what’s definitely going to suit you, is the humble skinny jean. It turns any dad into someone with a bit of style. Couple this with a designer T-shirt, perhaps one such as Pretty Green, and you’re heading towards the bright lights of compliments. You could even chose to keep it casual, and go for a slim fitted tracksuit if you’re not feeling the jean vibes on some days. Either way, it’s a step up from what most of you like to wear on a daily basis.

Dad Attitude

You’re either a really lenient dad, or you’re one that love to argue to toss over everything, and your children bear the brunt of that. Try and be as caring and as kind as you can. You want to be that dad that they’re going to turn to, not the one that they feel as though they have to run from. You also don’t want to be that embarrassing dad that they can’t bear to be around. Whilst it’s cool to get down on their level, you don’t want to overdo it. The best attitude to have is one that’s laid back, funny, and maybe even the odd dad joke here and there.

Dad Hobbies

It’s always good for us dads to have a hobby. Something that gets us away from family life, and reminds us that we can still be ourselves outside of the dad role. It could be anything from photography, to amateur league football. As your children grow, your hobbies can become theirs, and that is one of the best ways that you’re going to be able to bond with your child.

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