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The Dreaded, "Daddy Can I Have a Pony?"

“Daddy, can I have a pony,” those words are enough to strike fear into the heart of many a loving father. After all, ponies are as expensive as they are cute. But, if your kid is desperate to have one, and you’re willing to take on the cost so that she can pursue her dreams of pony ownership, there are worse ways that you could spend your money especially because ponies encourage sporty outdoor activities and having a pet can teach all kind of life lessons about responsibility, care and even death to children. You just need to be prepared for the new arrival!

With that in mind, here are a few things you need to know before purchasing that pretty pony for your kids:

They Probably Won’t do the Tough Stuff

So, you’ve sat them down and told them that owning a pony is a huge responsibility; you've agreed that they'll do the bulk of the mucking out and grooming and they’ve agreed to it all. Yeah right! Those kids are going to drop those chores like a hot potato, and it’s going to be you, daddy who’s clearing up Buttercup’s mess! But, you already knew that, right?

Your Wallet will Be Barer Than Ever

We all know ponies are expensive, but most of us don’t realize just HOW expensive they are. I mean there’s internal horse stables, food, medication, grooming costs and oh so much more to think about! So, if you want to keep the kids happy and keep Buttercup in hay and good health, then you’re going to have to either cut back elsewhere or get used to having a lighter wallet than you’re used to for a while.

You Will be Terrified

The first time your child gets up on the saddle to ride her precious pony, your heart will be in your mouth, and the next time and the next. It doesn’t matter how many lessons your child takes or how much experience she has, there is always the potential for an accident to happen and as her loving parent, you will always be worried about it.

You Will Become Official Competition Chauffeur

If your kids get really into their riding, then you will be expected to ferry them around every weekend, during competition season, which can be basically every season depending on where you are.

Vacations Will be More Expensive

If you enjoy travelling, then you’ll need someone to take care of Buttercup while you’re away and that will mean your vacations will become hundreds, even thousands of dollars more expensive depending on how long you’re away - stable boarding isn’t cheap!

You Will Fall in Love

Despite all of this, ponies are pretty irresistible, and chances are you'll fall as head over heels for Buttercup as your kids, especially when you see how much joy she brings to their lives.

Ponies are expensive, and they will change your life, but despite some of the downsides, most of those changes will be for the better. Enjoy your life as a pony-daddy!

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