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Ready. Steady. Garden!

Gloves ready? Shovel ready? Kids ready? Wait what?! A lot of you would dread taking your children into the garden to help out, but it actually is a lot of fun. Yes, you’re going to have muddy children on your hands who will probably try to yank your plants out the soil. But the enjoyment you’re both going to get is more than worth it. The more time they’re spending outdoors in the fresh air, and away from the lure of the TV the better. Now, depending on how old your children are, you’re going to need to keep your eyes peeled. We don’t want plant seeds being ate, or worms flying around. So, if you feel like you’re ready, and you’re steady, it’s time to garden with the kids.

What To Plant

Deciding what to put in your garden is actually a lot harder than you would think. Some plants and trees require more attention than others. Some give you brighter more vibrant colours than others. But if you want the perfect combination of bright with little attention needed, then let us introduce your to crape myrtle trees. They grow big, and they grow bright, so make sure you’re planting with plenty of room. The beautiful pink/purple flowers that blossom from them will leave you in awe. If you’re looking for a smaller variation, and were thinking along the lines of plants, why not let your children decide? All you have to do is go down to your local garden centre and let them run free. Well, not technically, but give them the freedom of picking their own plant, and let it sort of be their responsibility. They’ll be so much more engaged with the process if they know it’s their plant, and they have to look after it for it to grow.

How To Get Them Involved

Aside from picking the plant, you want them to be getting their hands dirty as much as you are. You might regret it when it comes to bath time, but they’ll love it. You can get childrens gardening sets that include little cute spades and shovels for them to use. Have them dig up a little area of soil ready for their plant to go in. Teach them the importance of doing it safely, and to avoid any of the plants around it. No doubt they’ll love flicking the dirt around anyway, just make sure it’s not aimed at your eyes!

Attract Some Wildlife

If you really want to capture the attention of children when it comes to the garden, then wildlife is the way to do it. Children love animals, especially younger children. All you need to do is set up a bird stand, and leave some seeds in there every few days. Get your children to help with this so they understand that it is food for the birdies. Then each morning you should see an array of birds pecking away at the seeds you’ve left. Your children will love it, and you can use it as a way of teaching them about wildlife conservation.

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