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Getting Dressed In The Morning Can Be A Lot Easier

We don’t always have a lot of time in the morning. Come to think of it, we hardly ever have a lot of time in the morning, especially for ourselves. As parents, we devote a lot of our attention to our kids, and thus our appearance can suffer a little as a result. Whether it be for work, or just a day out with some friends or family, we want to look our best. Of course, our elevating tiredness level is going to tell us it’s absolutely fine if we don’t brush our hair, but we know it should really be done.

If you’re looking for tips for staying on top of your style, and as a dad that doesn’t have to go down the drain, here’s a few handy ideas for you. Make those dreaded 5am starts go a little smoother in your quest to find the courage to head out the door.

Why Not Try Some Organisation

When you’re in a rush, usually in the morning, you’re not going to care which hanger belongs with which pair of trousers. However, when you’re more theoretically calm and collected by the end of the day, you can sort these out into their proper formats.

It makes finding something an immediate spot, and keeps everything pressed and clean, which you spent a couple of hours doing beforehand. That in itself makes this whole process worth it, as you don’t want to throw away anything your spent any kind of effort on!

Find Something the Night Before

So you’re an adult now, and you’re thinking, ‘It’s fine, I can handle digging through the wardrobe tomorrow! I’m not a child!’ But, it's easier to find the extra couple minutes energy at night when you remember those glorious extra five minutes you’ll get in bed.

You’ll be saving on your time and effort, and honestly, it’s just a good practice. Open up your drawers just before you go to bed and lay out something that looks halfway decent. When you know what you have ready to wear, and what you don’t have, you can plan around it instead of having that swell of panic when you realise there’s a macaroni stain on the collar of the pristine white shirt you desperately needed.

Take a Gander at the Weather

One of the bonuses of modern technology is the ability to allow other people more qualified than you choose your outfits for you. Pay attention to the meteorologists when it comes to deciding whether to layer something or not; it's easy to do when you have the week long forecast at your disposal.

Of course you can just take a peek out of the window at 6am, but it could very well be dark and you won’t see anything. Make sure your jackets are washed and smelling fresh, and keep the waterproof covering out of the hands of any fabric softener. You don’t want to get accidentally drenched in the pursuit of productivity.

So Shop Online for an Easier Buy

If you need more availability in your wardrobe, then of course you're going to need to go shopping. However, finding the time or motivation to stroll down to the mall is thin on the ground these days, and that can be just in terms of petrol prices.

Looking for fashion can take a lot out of our daily schedule, so we need to make the process a lot faster. Sit down with a laptop or your mobile, maybe even pour yourself a cheeky drink, and take a few sips as you scroll through those well known retailers. Deciding to hit the web with the ability to make a purchase was a godsend, let's be real here.

You’re relaxed, on call when you need to be for the little ones, and still have all the money you own in the world at your disposal. It’s also a lot easier to put things back when you’ve decided you don’t want them, instead of just popping them on the nearest shelf and feeling like a failure of a customer as a result.

So there’s really quite a lot you can do to make the whole idea around getting dressed a lot easier for your mind, which is what’s truly at stake here. Getting more sleep, blindly feeling your way towards a shower and set that actually works, and being bright and fresh for when the kids come bounding in doesn’t have to be an uphill battle you’re vehemently losing.

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