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5 Ways To Keep (Or Lose) Your Sanity In The Garden

Do you ever have those moments where you just have to get out of the house? More often than not, you can’t go too far because you’re the one on parenting duty. So what can you do when you can’t run far but you have to get some air? Head to your garden. It’s outside, there’s fresh air, and there are far more things to do there with the kids than you might think! Try these backyard breathers to restore (or intentionally lose) your sanity:


No family home should be without a trampoline in the back yard. These are great fun for all the kids (and free spirited grown-ups) to let off some steam. Warning: trampolines may not be suitable for those with weak bladders or hangovers. Add a safety enclosure net and some ball pool balls (try saying that ten times really fast), and you’ve got at least an hour of fun. It’s guaranteed to tire even the hyperactive ones right out.

Dining In Style

Kids love doing things they don’t think is allowed. If you have a good sized patio or a fancy decking area, it’s time to set up your dining table outdoors. Outdoor dining is pretty good for your digestive system. It is also the ideal venue for a fun food fight. All you need is some bramblecrest garden furniture to set up seating and table space. Add a parasol or gazebo to keep the direct sun off the kids’ heads. A couple of messy meals like spaghetti bolognese followed by blancmange should be all the extras you need to keep the kids happy. Maybe stick with plastic plates for now.

Floral Displays

It’s true that color therapy can enhance or relax your mood. When you’re out in the garden, there is no limit to the number of colors you can enjoy when you grow your own flowers. If you’re trying to relax or calm the kids down a bit, plant a load of lavender. The scent is thought to help you wind down a bit. You might pick some, dry it and use it in the bedrooms for better sleep too. If you can grow cherry trees in your garden, you will love the flower blossoms in spring.

Wildlife Watcher

Depending on where you live, you might find that those things that go bump in the night are in fact some interesting local wildlife. Squirrels, badgers, possums, and even the neighbor cat might wander through your yard after dark. Why not set up a high-tech watch to catch them in the act? Night vision cameras are pretty standard these days and you can pick them up relatively cheaply. Will you let the kids stay up to watch though? Of course, if you’re keen to get out there in the evening, you might have to practice being very still and quiet to catch a glimpse of them in the fur!

Dig It!

Digging lets out your frustrations like nothing else - watch the dog for a demo. Create a veggie garden, build a water feature, or simply aerate your lawn. Get out in your garden and see how you can make the most of that fresh air!

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