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Holidays Your Kids Want (That Are Worth Agreeing To)

Before parenthood, everyone has an idea of how they will cope with pester power. Unlike every other parent that has gone before, they will be different. They will be able to tell their screaming child - firmly and politely - that they can’t have something. They will rise above, be in complete control at all times, and always be able to soothe their child with their clever words and -

Oh there really is no point in continuing. You’re a parent; you know this is nonsense. The stuff we say about parenting before we’re parents is completely ridiculous. It’s like looking at a rodeo and assuming you could totally do that better than the rider, despite hating horses, being afraid of heights, and having no sense of balance.

As a parent, you know that pester power is a thing. You know you shouldn’t give into it. It’s bad; wrong; you’re the worst parent ever etc etc - but sometimes, you need a minute’s peace. So you say yes. That’s a little trickier to do if the thing you’re being pestered about is a holiday rather than a chocolate bar, but you know what? Some of those dream holidays that your kids want are actually pretty ace - and giving in could delight the whole family.

Disneyland / World / Whatever

Let’s just go with “those big parks where Disney controls everything” - they’re all pretty much interchangeable anyway. It’s the classic kids holiday - what better way to indulge all the Disney they (and you) have ingested over the years than to spend an entire week immersed in the stuff? There is no better way. Period.

Orlando, California, Paris - you’ve got your pick of destinations when it comes to Disney. Disneyland Paris - what we called EuroDisney before they rebranded for some unintelligible reason - is probably your best bet. It’s huge; there’s more to do than you’ll ever have time to; and it’s fairly near to Paris. Win.

Visiting Santa At Lapland

“Where does Santa live, Daddy?”

“The North Pole, sweetie. And… er, actually Lapland? Which are not the same thing, because - actually this probably isn’t a good time for a geography lesson…”

So we’ve not quite nailed down where Santa lives, but kids know Lapland is important, so why not give in? If you choose to take the family to Lapland, then you’re guaranteed a brilliant Christmas experience complete with reindeer, snow, log cabins, and everything else that tends to feature on Christmas cards. Just make sure you pack an excuse for why you can’t visit Santa’s workshop along with your snow boots.

A Charming Weekend Break In A Cultured City In Europe

Kids are all about the culture. They love it. Museums? Top of the list; they can’t wait to get -

Ah just kidding. Though if you do have a child who loves the idea of taking a weekend city break of relaxation and high culture, then go. Immediately. Nurture that instinct. It’ll save you a fortune in future, and mean you might be able to take holidays that don’t involve some underpaid teenager having to dress up in a costume to entertain you.

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