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Pimp Your Ride: 5 Ways To Give Your Family Car A Makeover

Are you a little bit embarrassed when you pull up somewhere in your car? Sadly, with everyday usage, kids, and life, it doesn't take long for that new car's shine to be erased and replaced with a few scuffs and dents, and we don't even want to think about what is under the car seat.

But how can you keep your car in tip-top shape without it being too much of a workout? Because let's face wrangling kids and/or pets into the car is enough for anyone on a good day!

Essentially you have 3 options, but if you want to bypass doing it yourself and paying the kids to do it and then repaying the professionals, it can be easier to just go straight to the pros and get things taken care of.

Check out these top 3 ways to keep your car looking good without compromising on your sanity.


Got a little bit too close to the curb once or twice? The scuffs on your rims will be a dead giveaway that you maybe aren't the best parker, and no one needs that kind of evidence giving them away. Even if it was the one time and you will never do it again (famous last words). Instantly revive your wheels by getting a rim repair and save yourself dollars by not having to replace them, and embarrassing yourself when you pull up anywhere that isn't home.

Dents and Scuffs

With age and wear and tear, your body work can get dinged from time to time. It's to be expected. For both you and your vehicle. From accidentally scuffing it on untrimmed bushes and foliage when parking to those dreaded supermarket dings from bad parkers to willful vandalism or auto accidents. These things happen, but you don't need to drive around with the visible scars from any altercations your car might have had. Check it into a garage for a much-needed facelift and watch those wrinkles and signs of age disappear. A bit like botox but for cars.

New Upholstery

We all know how fresh your car can look and feel after a good clean and valet, but have you ever considered getting new car upholstery? It's actually not as hard as you would imagine, and there are plenty of businesses that can help you upgrade your interiors to make your car look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. From all-new seat covers, and we don't mean the pull-on slipcovers like your nan used to put over her furniture, but completely stripping out existing seat covers and replacing them, to new carpets and even ceiling covers. If you love your car, but it's looking and feels its age, why not give it a much-needed boost and trade your interiors in for a younger, more updated look?

A New Paint Job

Everyone knows not to attempt a paint job on a car themselves, or at least they should do if they want to avoid a paint-by-numbers picture gone badly wrong. It isn't always as simple as finding a colour and slapping it on like your walls at home. Invest in a custom paint job, ombre metallics' anyone, or simply refresh your existing paintwork with a lovely drab grey to match the existential dread of the daily commute perhaps, to give your car a new lease of life. Remember, you might need to inform your local transport authority and car insurance company to ensure you are driving legally.


Lastly, why not take a leaf out of the Pimp My Ride book of makeovers and implement some tech to your wheels? These days more modern cars are already equipped with state-of-the-art car dashboard technology and screens that allow you to control pretty much every aspect of driving, including driving if you spring for a Tesla. But if that's slightly out of your reach, there are many options you can add to your car to give it a technological boost.

From adding dashcams to voice-controlled assistants such as Amazon Alexa for cars, Bluetooth receivers, hands-free kits, USB charging, parking assist systems, tire pressure monitors, and even an in-car coffee maker for a cup of joe on the go!


If you love your car and it's in good mechanical order, then simply giving it a facelift instead of trading it in can help you fall back in love with your vehicle. And it will impress everyone you know with how well you care for your car and how good it looks for its age.


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