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How To Unleash Your Creative Side

Parents painting monsters with their kids

Who’d love to be more creative? If we’re honest, most people are going to say yes to that question, although their reasons might all be different - some might want to be creative for fun, others might want to use creativity to make money, and so on. However, the fact is that no matter how or why, being creative is a good thing - it’s good for your own feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, it’s enjoyable, and it’s even good for your mental health, as it’s a great way to de-stress. 

The problem is that many people might want to be creative, but they don’t know how to start - they’re stuck, and it can feel as though their creative side just won’t come out. The good news is that things can be done to help, ensuring that you can be as creative as you want to, so read on to find out more. 

Have The Right Environment

One thing that can really get in the way of creativity is the environment you’re trying to be creative in. If it’s not right, you might find you’re blocked in the creative department, and that even if you can do a few things here and there, you’re not as productive or prolific as you might prefer to be. 

The key, therefore, is to put yourself in a place that inspires you. That might mean getting out of the house and going to a beauty spot, for example, or perhaps it means tidying your room and decluttering so you can think more easily. Just like creativity itself, it’s going to be different for everyone, so it could be something you experiment with, but whether it turns out you need complete silence or you need to listen to music, or you have to be standing up or lying down to be creative, make sure you can do it. 

Be More Curious

If you want to be creative, you need to be more curious, so it’s vital to allow yourself to ask questions, think outside the box, and explore new ideas - that’s how you’ll get plenty of inspiration and that’s how you’ll be able to be as creative as possible. 

Some of the ways you can do all of this and try new things is to read books that you wouldn’t normally read because they’re outside your usual genre, for example, or go to local museums you’ve never thought of visiting before, or take up a new hobby at random, or travel to unfamiliar places… the list goes on. When you’re exposed to new things like this, you’ll find a lot of these experiences can spark something and help you unleash your creative side once and for all. 

Set Time Aside To Be Creative

The thing with creativity is that, just like any other skill, it needs practice, which is why it’s a great idea to dedicate specific times in your day or week to being creative and nothing else. 

You could spend time writing a song, painting a picture, designing bumper stickers, drawing a comic book, trying pottery, or any other kind of creative pursuit, and as long as you keep at it at a regular time and place (ideally a creative place), you’ll get better and better and the better you get, the more your creative side will be unleashed. 


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