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Here’s How To Make Family Travel Less Stressful

As much as we love our kids, they can sometimes be difficult to travel with. The younger ones are asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’, while the teenagers are complaining that they’re bored. But what if we could make family travel less stressful? Here’s how to convince kids of any age that travelling can be fun.

Get Them Enrolled In A Foreign Language Class

Getting your children enrolled in a foreign language class as young as possible is a great way to get them more enthusiastic about travelling. Language classes can give them direct exposure to foreign cultures, new people and different places. Your kids might go on a school trip to Iceland or have a foreign exchange with a school in Paris. Getting your kids excited about a foreign language is a great way to convince them that travel is a good idea.

Plan Well In Advance

You’ve heard this one before, right? But actually getting your kids’ stuff organised in advance is a lifesaver. Putting your toddlers’ favourite toys in your carry on luggage and having snacks prepared for hungry kids helps make your journey less stressful. Put your kid’s travel stuff within easy access so there’s no grumpiness on the way to your destination. Older teenagers can sort themselves out, but for younger kids this always helps.

Let Your Kids Plan A Little Of Your Holiday

Your kids are part of the holiday too, and letting them plan a little bit of your trip is going to make them more involved in the travel plans. For younger kids, give them a choice of three or so options they can select from. For teenagers, trust them with a day trip and give them a budget. It might sound risky, but in the long run they’ll be far more engaged and excited for your holiday, and at least a little less whiny as a result. Getting them involved in planning is also a great skill to help your kids in future.

Go On A Package Holiday

Reducing all the different components of your holiday plans into one handy package could help make them a little less stressful. A package holiday generally comprises your hotel, your flights, and at least bed and breakfast for the duration of your travel. Try a tour operator like Tui for package holidays to different locations worldwide.

Keep To A Rough Routine

Some children get anxious when they’re away from home. As much as we adults love travel, younger kids might like the comforts of home, and keeping them a routine can help ease anxiety and travel stress. This might be keeping toddlers to a basic nap time, reading your kids a story before bedtime, and giving your teenagers a bit of space during the morning.

Family Travel Can Be Fun

When you’re travelling with kids, little hiccups can (and will) happen. But try not to stress. Family travel can be fun, even if your little darlings are a little difficult. Try these tips and have a fun family holiday this year.


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