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Forest Fun: How Your Family Can Reconnect With The Outdoors

Everyone now lives in a digital age where screen time eclipses the allure of the great outdoors. You’re likely reading this because you’re fed up with the monotony of tech-driven entertainment - and your family forgetting how to interact with each other offline!

You want your family to spend quality time with one another, but you want to help inspire young minds and show them that there’s a whole world out there beyond the Internet and their iPads. The thing is, you aren’t sure of how to achieve that goal.

Check out these inspirational ideas to help you all reconnect with nature - and each other - and discover how to make memories without a smartphone in sight!

Buy A Vehicle Built For Adventures

Do you plan to traverse the backcountry with your family or tow a travel trailer for outdoor vacations? If so, buying a vehicle that can tackle driving on all kinds of terrain makes sense.

One example of such a vehicle is a RAM truck. You could splash out on a new model or get a pre-loved example. In either case, maintenance is affordable on them as you can get parts from any auto store or RAM wrecker in your local area.

Schedule “No-Screen Days”

Asking your family to step away from smartphones, tablets, and TV screens might seem like an impossible request to make. However, a “no-screen day” can be a fun and immersive experience that all your family can enjoy!

Consider scheduling such days on occasions when the weather outside is likely to be great as you could do anything from going on family bike rides or enjoying picnics in the park to spending the day at the beach.

Volunteer Your Family For Conservation Causes

An exciting way for you and your family to spend time together outdoors is by volunteering for a worthy cause in your area. For example, you could all participate in a “community clean-up” day where you collect litter from a local nature reserve or beauty spot.

Go Camping In The Summer

The summer months are perfect for spending time outdoors. One classic way that you can all enjoy the summer together is by going camping (yes - even with a toddler!).

Imagine taking part in family activities like water sports or hiking during the day and enjoying stories around a campfire at night!

Plan Weekend Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t love participating in a scavenger hunt? Planning one for the weekend might drive you mad sometimes, but the hard work is worth it when you see how happy everyone is when they take part in it.

Create Garden Projects At Home

Finally, garden projects like planting vegetables or growing herbs (not “those” kinds of herbs!) are fantastic ideas that even the youngest members of your family can enjoy.

It gives everyone a real sense of achievement and can be an educational experience for kids and adults alike!


These are just some of the many ways you can get your family to reconnect with the outdoors. Everyone - especially the youngest family members - will enjoy learning about the limitless potential (and fun) the natural world offers.


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