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Basic Car Maintenance Tips Every Mum & Dad Should Know

Imagine this. You’re on a family road trip, and your battery fails suddenly. You were smart enough to have a spare, but you have no idea how to change it. You open your car bonnet and fidget with a few things trying to look badass. Your kids and wife watch you with expectation. Hero daddy can handle this. He can fix anything. You scratch your head and sweat with anxiety because you don’t know what to do. Embarrassed, you make up an excuse to call a mechanic. You don’t want this happening to you in reality! So, here are some basic car maintenance tips every dad should know.

Regularly rotating your tires

You don’t want to mess with your car wheels, as there are experts to handle those. For example, you can visit a website like if you need to refurbish your alloy wheels. However, you can play your part by rotating the tires around your wheels to keep them from wearing unevenly.

Rotating your tires can prevent uneven wear and help the tires last longer. Think of it like the soles of your shoes. They wear down with regular use, and in most cases, the outer parts do so first. The same thing can happen with your car tires. The good news is you can prevent this by rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. And yes, that means learning to change a car tire, so don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty!

How to change your car battery

Your mechanic or car dealer will welcome you with a smile and maintain that smile when charging you hefty amounts to replace your car’s battery. Believe it or not, mechanics know an easy client when they see one. And a dad who doesn’t know how to change his car battery is an easy target.

You can save money and embarrassment by learning how to change a car battery. As a tip, change your battery every two to three years to prevent your car from breaking down unexpectedly.

How to top up washer fluid

Topping up a washer fluid is super easy. Plus, doing it in the presence of clueless kids can make you look like a superhero they’ll forever be in awe of. On most car models, you should be able to pop the reservoir and pour the fluid into it. If you’re not too confident in your flawless pouring skills, use a funnel when pouring the washer fluid into the reservoir. Be careful, though, as the washer fluid is highly flammable. It shouldn’t be close to anything that can spark a flame. There’s nothing admirable about a dad on fire.

Changing the air filters

Clogged-up air filters can gulp your fuel like a heavy drinker enjoying free drinks. Considering the recent expensive gas prices, you can avoid going into shock due to skyrocketing prices by simply learning how to change your air filters. Ideally, you want to replace your air filters every 30,000 miles. However, if you notice your car getting fewer miles to the gallon, you should replace the air filters immediately. Luckily for you, changing air filters is a walk in the park and will save you considerable money at your next pump.


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