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5 Things You Can Do To Kick Boredom Out the Door

Being stuck inside at any time of the year is awful, and there is only so much you can do at home before you start to wonder if the walls are really closing in, or if it’s just your imagination. While you might have begun your weekend feeling ready to do anything, any motivation you had can soon disappear. This is not (always) your fault, but boredom can still impact your brain. No one likes being bored, so what can you do? You’d be surprised at what’s possible, actually.

Stop Putting Off Repairs

Yes, you! Stop putting off the many, many repairs that are making your house look closer to a seaside shack that has been ignored for far too long. Everyone has some project they’ve pushed to the back of their mind. If you’re bored, there’s no better time than right now (well, once you finish reading this post) to get started. Fixing the dripping tap or tearing up dead plants in the garden is a good place to start, and if you find out that you aren’t as talented with DIY as you thought, then call in a professional, whether for air conditioning repair, heating repair, or anything else. At least you'll have the chance to put your feet up.

Hang Out With the Kids

No wait, don’t put your feet up. That’s how you got into this boredom mess in the first place. While the guy is over fixing everything you were never taught how to do, think about ways to keep your mind busy. If you’ve got kids, why now actually, you know, be a parent? It isn’t as far out as it sounds, and as long as your kids are still in that stage of their lives where they don’t think you’re the lamest dude around (more so than their Geography teacher), you can play video games, read a book, or go to the park, provided the weather behaves.

Do Something New

Suppose you’ve exhausted all of these activities, though, and that isn’t surprising considering the year you’ve had. There is always a chance to do something new. You know better than anyone else what you have never done before, so this is entirely up to you. If you’re stuck for ideas, write down different options, put them in a bowl and pick one out. You’ll have to do it whether you like it or not.

Embrace a Guilty Pleasure

Some clever folks don’t believe there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure, and perhaps they’re right. After all, why should anything that makes you feel good be bad? As you get closer to the end of the day and want to wind down, feel free to indulge in a guilty pleasure. Watch a terrible film or TV program - and make it more interesting by mocking every moment as you go along - eat junk food, and just enjoy doing nothing at all, for a change.

Bye-Bye Boredom

Boredom drives us to do something different, no matter how weird (and 3eventually wonderful) that could be. If you ever catch yourself feeling the drudgery of dullness at home, think about the myriad of possibilities that you could find hidden under the carpets, behind the sofa, or inside your kids’ imaginations.


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