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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Learning To Drive

Way before kids and cars became practical, driving was fun. Having your first car was a huge achievement, giving you a taste of independence that would take you as far as you could afford in petrol.

While you’ll never forget your first car, one of the things you might have blocked out is learning to drive. Those endless hours with an instructor who you spent more time with than your sixth-form girlfriend, the constant stalling… it’s not something many people choose to remember.

So here’s a little trip down memory lane to help you remember. For those looking to learn to drive - these nuggets of information could help you on your own path to getting your licence.

1. It will eat up all of your money

Make no mistake - driving lessons are expensive. And they’re increasing in price all the time. The average cost of a driving lesson is £25-30, and with many drivers requiring 45 hours of driving to pass their test, you could be looking at around £1,350 to even pass your test.

But the good news is that while lessons are expensive, they are valuable. And you can fit in some extra hours of driving with family or friends to help you get some practice in outside your lessons.

2. Not all driving instructors are created equal

Your relationship with your driving instructor is important. They should help you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel, while they should be patient and understanding as a teacher.

But sometimes, driving instructors can be luck of the draw. You could have an instructor who’s completely disengaged, or you could have one that’s really invested in what they do. The best advice is to find an instructor who’s recommended by people you know - that can help you find the perfect fit.

3. Theory tests are worse than the Triwizard Maze

That would have only made sense if you’re a Harry Potter fan! But in all Siriusness (sorry, another one!), theory tests are a maze that’s constantly changing. It feels as though they introduce new parts to the theory test all the time, making it difficult to keep up. Luckily, there are driving theory revision tools out there to help you practice questions and learn what you need to know. Revise as much as possible, and it will soon sink in.

4. Most people hate learner drivers

When you’re on the road, you’ll soon learn just how much people hate learner drivers. Consider it a hazing activity, you’ll be on the other side of it one day!

5. Failing doesn’t make you a failure

Finally, as hard as it can be to fail your driving test - remember that it’s more common than you think. Driving tests are hard, and there’s a lot that can go wrong - most of which is out of your control. You can only do what you do on the day, and the lessons you learn will help make you a better driver.

Fortunately, learning to drive is one of those things you should only have to do once in your life. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get to experience all of those driving milestones, from the trips to the drive-thru all the way through to choosing your family car. Next up, the mid-life-sports-car-buying-crisis - that’s meant to be a good one too!


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