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3 Crazy Holiday Ideas That Aren’t So Crazy

If your holiday isn’t a great time to go a little crazy when you’re enjoying yourself, then what is? It’s one of the easiest and best recommended ways of enjoying the trip. That doesn’t mean that some crazy holiday ideas are as crazy as you could think.

Instead, they’re just crazy enough to be memorable (like a few people I know). They’re more than worth considering. You’ll have memories that last a lifetime, so why not think about giving them a try?

Crazy Holiday Ideas That Aren’t So Crazy: 3 Top Picks

1. Pick An Adventure

If you’re looking for crazy holiday ideas, then there are few things crazier than adventure holidays. There are more than a few of these you can go on, including:

  • Kayaking

  • Boating

  • Horse Riding

  • Surfing

  • Hiking

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky - who isn’t? - then more than a few of these can be recommended. Everyone’s got an adventure that they want to go on, so why not go on it? There are also more than a few family holidays like this to choose from, so nobody has to miss out.

2. Swim With Pigs

Everyone’s known to pig out a little bit when they’re on holiday, but nobody would’ve thought anybody meant that literally. It’s an option in the Bahamas, however, where swimming with pigs is a well-known tourist activity. An uninhabited island called Big Major Cay - referred to by the locals as Pig Beach - has been home to the pigs for decades.

Taking advantage of this can be appealing for a host of reasons. The pigs themselves are friendlier than you’d think, and are known to doggy paddle toward boats in exchange for food. You can even jump in, as long as you take care not to scare the pigs.

3. Get Sung To By Trees

What’s crazier than getting sung to by trees? As much of a trick question as that sounds like, it’s something you can do in Aalborg, Denmark. The Park of Music in Kildeparken has been well-known for decades for its singing trees, which first started cropping up in 1987.

That year, Sir Cliff Richard planted a tree after performing at the Congress & Culture Centre. In the decades since then, more and more artists have made their mark on the Kildeparken. Many of these have added their music to the trees themselves, which can be activated with the press of a button.

If you want to be serenaded by danger - I can’t be the only one - then visiting here should be a priority.

Crazy Holiday Ideas That Aren’t So Crazy: Wrapping Up

Crazy doesn’t always mean bad. Just ask a few of my friends. More than a few crazy holiday ideas can be recommended. Not only will you enjoy yourself while you’re there, but you’ll have memories that last a lifetime.

Your trip can be as crazy and hectic or as laidback as you want. Why not have a trip that’ll make your friends jealous?


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