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The Best Education for Your Little Over-Achiever

Having kids is so rewarding. But sometimes, you get blessed with one that seems to have been delivered by a drunk stork. You look at that little bundle of your DNA and wonder, “how on earth did I make this kid?” While often our children are little mini-me’s, from our looks down to our very interests made over, sometimes you get one that seemingly rebels against everything you are and ever were, and it can be a real challenge (but a fun one) to raise them! The apple doesn’t always fall as close to the tree as you think. And sometimes, that apple can knock you right out.

Say you hated school, barely scraped by to earn that diploma, but your child is the exact opposite: a little professor who makes straight A’s, does their homework without being asked, is on a first name basis with their teacher, and horror of horrors, plans to attend an Ivy League college. Meanwhile, back when you were in high school, you basically majored in the art of hacky-sack and counted the days until summer vacation.

You want to do the best by your kids and equip them with the best possible education so they can continue to thrive, cultivate that giant brain and follow their dreams. So what is the best way to do that?

No matter what area you live in, you can equip your child with a great education. Sending your promising child to a private school for more focused education isn’t the panic-inducing, money-zapping experience that we assume it is. It can be very affordable, and incredibly rewarding. These days, there exist so many different types of private schools and colleges, all with different teaching styles and curriculums to choose from. Whether you’re into the strict, traditional school experience, love Montessori, and prefer a hands-on STEAM school (or something else entirely), you and your child will be spoiled for choice.

Many parents these days are also choosing to eschew private school in favour of giving their children a public school experience. The truth is, public school, in most cases, can provide every bit as much of a great education as private - you just have to know how to navigate and take advantage of the best classes, curriculum and community property with teachers. Many students in public school take after school classes, have tutors and extracurriculars to help round out their school experience or give them concentrated help in problem areas. Helpful classes for 11 plus and others will help your little genius prepare for tough entrance exams and more. These small classes focus on the individual, giving your child the edge they need to ace those exams, while building incredible confidence and self-esteem.

No matter what area of study your unicorn child is interested in, you can provide them with a great education and arm them with the tools they need to succeed in life, even if your biggest contribution at school was organising a french-fry-eating contest in the lunchroom. Why not look into some preparation class or other types of schools to see what’s the best fit for your youngster?

Sometimes our kids surprise us...and make us really proud.

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