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How to Cope When Your Child is on a School Trip Abroad

A school trip is something that you’ve learned to deal with over the years. And you know what, the children and the teachers deserve some fun after how hard they’ve all worked. Educational trips are even better as they are getting to learn through their own experiences. But what about when you get a letter about a school trip abroad? It feels a bit more nerve-racking. Do you let them go away for a few days? Or do you keep them at home, potentially missing out on a great experience? These are some of the difficult questions you have to answer but below are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are fully informed and to help calm your nerves:

Find out the cost of the trip

Educational establishments can use a travel service like StudyLink Tours, to get a reasonable price on group travel, hostels, and attraction visits. This could mean that it will work out cheaper than if you were to travel to the same place with your child yourself. When paying for the trip, schools usually let you pay in instalments, so that you don’t have any big costs all at once. The cost of all the trips activities, including museums, theme parks, and restaurants, are usually also covered in the price so that you only need to send your child on the trip with a little bit of money for souvenirs. To be sure, it is always best to check with the school or college.

Keep hold of the trip itinerary

Any educational trip has a jam-packed itinerary. It should let you know what your child is doing and where they will be at any point in the day. If you let your child go on the trip, having the itinerary nearby will ease your nerves because you will know exactly where they are. If you like to be a bit nosy, you can also research the places and see what type of things they will be doing there.

Make sure your child has a mobile phone

You won’t want them to be attached to it, but making sure your child has a phone that they can contact you from, will help to ease your worries. You can get them to text you at different intervals during the day and even to ring you for a catch up at night. It will also help them if they start to feel a little bit homesick and want to hear a comforting voice.

Put your feet up for a bit and try to enjoy it

Yes, you might be worried and wondering about what your child is getting up to, but they are out in the world, making memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. You should try and take this time to do some stuff you enjoy, even if it is just taking advantage of being able to stay in bed a bit longer! You might even start to discover how having an empty nest might feel, but don’t fret, it won’t last long. They’ll be back before you know it!

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