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Your Home Is a Gold Mine and Here’s Your Pickaxe

Look, we all know that times are rough. Whether your family expenses are getting a little out of hand or you’re spending a bit too much on your hobbies, budgets are tight and we need to find more ways to make money and save money. However, one of the most underrated ways of securing your finances is to actually look for other sources of income. No, that doesn’t mean getting another job, but it’s just as good and could pay around the same amount.

The secret is in your home!

The walls that surround you are fully capable of becoming a gold mine if you know how. So take this article and go through it thoroughly because it’s going to be the pickaxe that mines all the gold hiding in your home.

Rent a room out under a scheme

Whether it’s a government scheme to rent a room out or student hosting options, you could earn thousands a year just by converting a spare room into a fully-featured rentable room. It takes a lot less work than you think to do something like this and the company or scheme that you follow will generally take care of everything such as payments and finding tenants. It’s a simple way to get passive income if you’re willing to occasionally speak to or help out someone living in your home. You might think that it’s a privacy concern, but you’d be surprised at just how friendly some tenants can be. Think of it more as getting a roommate!

Rent your parking space

If you have extra parking space or simply don’t use it, then why not rent it out to people? Some people can charge up to £30 a day if you live in a congested area like London and you can expect the price to go even higher if you live near an airport. If you have a driveway that isn’t being used, look for parking websites and put your spot up for grabs. It may shock you to find just how many people will contact you about a parking spot especially if you live in a popular area or close to transport links.

Rent your home to photographers

There’s a lot of money to be made if you have a well-decorated home. You could dress it up and have it be used for photography, films or even as a set for a day. Photographers and directors are always looking for cheap and effective ways to get a good backdrop for their content, so if you’re willing to let a film crew or photographers into your house, you could get a very hefty sum of money at the end of it depending on who hires your home. For instance, some people have been paid around £1,000 each day for top-name directors and studios to use their entire home for a day for filming and photography purposes. You might have your furniture moved around and you might not be able to use your house for several hours a day, but it’s certainly a lucrative way to make money!

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