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Super-Simple Ways To Have A Garden Your Lifestyle Loves

Yup. I'm throwing up yet another post about gardens. Why? Well, it's not because I have run out of topics or because I want to show the world I'm not actually as useless as my Insta-snaps show, or because the idea of having a greenthumb mentality seems pretty cool. It's because the garden needs to be the epicentre of family fun more than ever. X-stations, Playbox 4s, Netflix and YouTube - they're all getting well out of control and the great outdoors is being forgotten about (don't worry, I'm half-looking in the mirror as I write this). So, to plop another blog about gardens into the world, I have called on the help of a writer friend this time around. Take it away Sharon...

For many people, their garden is the main area of relaxation and satisfaction in their home. There is nothing better than enjoying a nice summer day outside; cooking a BBQ and devouring an ice cold beer or a chilled glass of wine. It is for this reason that many people take great care and consideration when picking one of the many garden design plans available for their home. This blog post aims to give you some suggestions and ideas regarding creating a garden that suits your lifestyle and, hopefully, it will give you a sprinkle of inspiration as well.

You need to start out by figuring out the purpose of your garden. Are you seeking something family friendly? Or perhaps you want something that requires little upkeep? Or maybe you desire a picturesque garden that will give you great pride when looking out of the window or make the neighbours jealous? It is vital to consider all of these aspects before deciding on your final garden design plans. After all, you do not want to plant an array of trees and flowers that require a large amount of your time if you do not have it to spare.

No maintenance needed!

If you are indeed seeking a garden that requires little to no maintenance, then opting for gravel or bark rather than grass is often a desirable option. Or, if you want a bit of greenery in your garden, opt for LazyLawn artificial grass instead. You also need to research which plants and trees require little care. Some options include ivy, crocus, lavender, and heather. Creating a garden which requires little upkeep does not mean it has to be any less attractive.

Gardens with children in mind

If you have children then it is a good idea to have a large area of artificial grass for them to play on. Pathways are another good idea, not only do they avoid your children stamping all over your freshly planted plants, but if your kids are young they will love jumping from stone to stone or tile to tile. If you still have some room left, then a lounge area is a desirable option, it will provide you with a place to relax but also a place to keep an eye on your little ones whilst they are outside having fun.

Finding a landscaper that understands your vision

A final point to consider is that you will need to find a landscape gardener who thoroughly understands what you want and can turn your garden into a paradise. Take your time to find the perfect gardener for you, as it’s not a job which can easily be reversed. Make sure they ask you questions and understand what you want before they embark on putting together a plan for your garden.

Hopefully, you will have formed some ideas and are excited about the prospect of turning your garden into something that is right for you and your lifestyle… Good luck!

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