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Q: Is It Possible To Parenting a Toddler Without Going Crazy?

Toddlers: they're super cute, but they're also tiny terrors. Dealing with them is tough, but then so is being a toddler. Their emotions feel so big to them, and the way they boil over is trying for both of you. Dealing with a toddler on their own is hard enough, and that's without even putting any other children in the mix. Toddlers can drive you crazy, but you love them, so you grit your teeth and get through the hard stuff. If you can feel yourself losing your patience, you might have to employ some tactics and solutions to stop your toddler driving you up the wall.

Figure out how to tackle tantrums

Everyone braces themselves for the tantrums as their baby gets older. What they don't tell you is that the Terrible Twos can continue into the Terrible Threes. Some deceitful toddlers will even be perfectly pleasant two year olds and then unleash all hell as soon as they hit their third birthday. The more your toddler throws a tantrum, the more you feel like doing the same. But if you want to avoid the tactic of throwing yourself to the ground to shock them out of it, you need to work out another way.

What is that way? Unfortunately, it's different for every toddler. There's no magic Supernanny solution. The naughty step might work for some, but it won't for others. You need to experiment and find something that sticks.

Send them to make friends their own age

If you've been at home with your toddler since they were born, being separated even for a few hours can be worrying. Or you can choose to embrace it and enjoy your time without them. It might be a few years before your toddler starts school, but pre-schools offer some awesome benefits. They learn social skills, get some experience with being away from their parents, and give you a much-needed break. Your toddler doesn't have to attend pre-school full-time, but you also don't need to send them only when you're working. You could be a stay-at-home parent and still enjoy a blissful few hours while your toddler is at pre-school.

Get together with adults

Being a parent does sometimes make it seem like you're now only allowed to talk to other parents. All your friends and acquaintances can slowly morph into other parents, either because your existing friends have kids or you meet them at parent type things. But whether your friends are all parents or not, getting together doesn't always have to be a parents-plus-kids occasion. It's ok to have an adult only get together, and leave the toddler with some poor, unsuspecting babysitter.

Make the most of the lovely bits

Being parent to a toddler has plenty of magical, unforgettable, loving moments too. Even though there are tantrums and tiredness to deal with, toddlers are definitely alright. And if they're not, they'll hopefully grow out of it.

If parenting a toddler is driving you crazy, sometimes you just have to hold on until it's over. But there are things you can do to maintain your sanity.

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