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What If It Were Possible To Go On Home Spending Spree AND Feel Awesome About It

When it comes to spending your cash, you’ll always want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. After all, you slave away for the dollars that do arrive in your bank account each month, so you want to make the count. Sports? For sure. Barbecue? No doubt. Beers? Heck yes! But interior decor? Not so much. When a guy dreams up his ideal budget, doilies and dusters just don’t come into it. But (and this is a big but), there are times when it’s actually kind of awesome to allocate some of the Dad fund into the mad family funhouse fund! Upgrading your gaff might not seem so cool when you’ve got your mind on other matters, but stick with it. Here is why you should get excited about a home spending spree.

1. Go For Tech Upgrades

Cool point numero uno, tech. Always tech. Gadgets and gizmos are always worth the investment. Don’t want to turn on your TV? Get an upgrade. Don’t want to vacuum the floor? Get an upgrade. Don’t want to actually cook your own dinner? Get an upgrade! Home tech is the quickest way to get out of actually doing chores yourself. So if you want to do your big - but without actually doing anything at all, get excited about tech. Dropping some dough on household tech is definitely awesome.

2. Invest In Props That Are Actually Awesome

Don’t get decorative touches? Doilies might not be up your street, but some stylish pieces can be. You know you need to dress up the pad and make it look presentable, but you want to do it your way. Then get yourself cool decorative touches (that’s props, to us) that are actually awesome. Swap tea lights and display stones for telescopes and skis. These are props that are kind of pointless, but that’s the point!

3. Install A Fireplace

Fire and wood are man stuff. Right? So you’re meant to get excited about fire and wood! But you don’t. Why? Because that stove your wife chose is whack. Pick out something manly and awesome like the inventory of wood stoves and heaters you’ll find online. Just watching those flames for the night will be worth the investment alone.

4. Choose Some Crazy Artwork

Art is meant to be cultured. But you don’t care for culture. Instead, you care for crazy. So when you’re picking out fun stuff to add to the walls, why not invest in just plain funny stuff? You’d be surprised by what weird and wonderful works of art you can find online. And some of it will cost a pretty penny too. You know that spending an insane amount of money on something that always makes your guests pull a face will be priceless.

5. Bank Some Brownie Points

And if you really want to make your purchases worth it, do it for the brownie points. When your wife wants to redo the dining room or spruce up the study, just spend. You know that you’ll claim back the favours throughout the year, so go forth and build up those IOUs.

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