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The Den That Dreams Are Made Of: Creating The Best Bedroom For Your Kids

Bedtimes can feel rubbish; it can often mean the end to a fun-filled day, and kids might decide that they just don’t feel like heading upstairs to go to sleep (they might be missing out on stuff). However, if your little one is excited about being in their bedroom environment; hanging out in there won’t feel like a chore, and they’re much more likely to crawl into their den to drift off and dream. A bedroom can be more than just a place for little bears to sleep; it can become a magical cave, full of imagination and, well, cool stuff (that you wish you’d had when you were that small). Therefore, the task of creating a cool space that your kid will enjoy lies with you (no pressure).

A kid’s bedroom should provide comfort, for that sleeping activity they have to do every night, and a space to play, read, imagine, and carry out very important kid jobs. Oh, and storage is always helpful as it will help to prevent the parents, or older bears in the family, from tripping over something in the night, and growling enough to wake the rest of the house (or cave) up. Getting your little one involved in the process is all part of the fun; whether they’re into space, dinosaurs, magic, or bugs (yes, sadly some kids will love creepy crawlies), you can help to surround them with loads to think about and do, before it’s time to turn the lights off and extinguish the cave fire. The following are some ideas and inspiration for parents who want to create the perfect habitat for their cub so that they have the bedroom den of dreams.

Cosy Corners And Covers

There’s something exciting about a softly-lit cosy corner in a kid’s bedroom; they’re perfect for reading by torchlight and can help little ones snuggle down into a peaceful night’s rest. It’s worth investing in a decent mattress for your cub; check out sites like WeDoBeds and choose the right soft surface for your child to sleep upon. The best thing about mattresses, duvets, and pillows is that they can be covered with any sheets you and your little one desire. The crazier the print, better; there are loads of options online so that you can find the perfect bug-covered pillowcase or astronaut duvet cover for your kid, and they can drift off to dream about an adventure. A canopy and some fairy lights will also go a long way in creating a den-like environment; therefore, it’s worth getting creative, and arranging some things around your little one’s bed space so that they can’t wait to crawl in.

Shelves Are Saviours

Aside from the (boring) functional side of storage that was mentioned earlier; shelving, picture ledges, and bookcases can provide spaces of intrigue, display, and wonder. It’s a chance for your kid to show off their most prized possessions (even if that is a rock, leaf, or dirty pinecone they picked up on the way home from school). Their favourite books and toys can have pride of place, and those fairy lights can be woven in between everything to light up those kind Playmobil character’s faces. It’s not about spending a huge amount on everything; get inspired, and have fun with your little one as you put your creative hats on together. Your child’s room should be their escape and little haven, so make sure they love it (even if you’re over the sight of plastic spiders).

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