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Bored Out Of Your Mind? We've All Been There!

bored kids - my mad little family

When the kids say ‘I’m bored,’ it’s one thing, but when the adults agree, it’s practically a disaster. Your little ones are growing up and losing a lot of interest in the colourful blocks they used to love, and you’re ripping your hair out at the prospect alone. So when maturing eventually rolls around for you, try out some of these suggestions in an attempt to wipe the accompanying boredom away. You never know, you just might get to relive your own childhood dreams at the same time.

Bake Something

Of course letting kids lose with a cookie cutter and a rolling pin might end up with holes in the walls of your kitchen, but it is a good way to keep kids interested in something. And at the end of the day, that’s all you want for your child. So when they rock up with ‘Daddy I’m bored!’ open up the cupboard and dig out the flour.

Cookies are always going to be popular amongst adults and kids alike, as they’re easy to make and super tasty when they come out of the oven. Just ten minutes of spatula and spoon fights later and you’ve got something to munch on for a good while. And then you can take a nap; you know, to help you digest everything.

Try Out Some Cartoons

And no, not the babyish ones in which we can see all the twists coming. We had enough of those as children ourselves (but of a bit of nostalgia never hurt nobody!). Instead, try out some anime programs, which are becoming more and more and more popular here in the West these days. They can be a good world to get lost in when the sofa isn’t quite cutting it for you anymore.

So if you’re desperately looking for some kind of escape, and the kids are snuggled up under each arm, crack out a protagonist with pink hair. You can find a lot of anime right at your fingertips when you have a free site at your disposal. All you’ll need is an internet connection, and you’re already paying for that to be put to good use.

Go Scavenger Hunting

Maybe it’d be a better idea to wait for warmer weather with this one, but when you’ve got a whole outside at your advantage, make sure you use it. Head to the park or the town centre, whichever is nearer, and lay down some rules. You’re a parent, you can do that.

A scavenger hunt can include anything, from bugs to leaves to pictures of famous landmarks...whatever it is you think of first really. Just be sure to have a good prize in your pocket for when they come charging back for the payoff. Even so, just having to go in search of something is a great way to keep your kids occupied, and you can discover some hidden gems if you’re really lucky.

Being bored is part of life, but you can fix it.

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