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How Not To Be The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad

Every dad has the potential to become an embarrassing dad. This problem doesn’t discriminate; if you’re not careful and you’re not aware of your own behaviour, you’ll one day look across at your child and see them glaring at you while also shrivelling up from embarrassment. No dad wants to become an embarrassing dad, so it’s time to look a little more closely at the symptoms of this horrendous condition.

Stay Calm at That Sports Event

When your kid is taking part in a sporting event, it’s a really proud moment for you as a father. But do you really want to be that guy standing at the side shouting and clapping loudest and cheering at every moment? It might seem like you’re being supportive, but it can become really embarrassing for them so be careful.

Don’t Dance Within 100 Kilometres of Your Son or Daughter

The number one sin for any dad is dad dancing. It’s not pretty and it’s possible that dad dancing has only ever been greeted by cringing and running in the opposite direction by children of the offending dad. You might think you’re a great dancer, but the chances are your kids won’t feel the same way. The general rule for all dads is not to dance if your kids are in any way close by.

For You, Silence is Golden Around Their Friends

When you’re meeting your child’s friends for the first time, or any time for that matter, you need to try your best not to come out with something completely embarrassing. It’s harder than you think. Sometimes, it’s better to stay silent than to open your mouth and say something completely stupid that’s going to embarrass them.

Don’t Your Young Kids Terribly (And if You Do, Don’t Take Photos)

When they’re young, the important task of choosing which clothes your child to wear falls to you. In truth, lots of dads don’t handle this responsibility particularly well. Try not to make that mistake by dressing your child terribly; places like Nickis fashion for kids can help you so there are no real excuses you can use. If your taste is naturally terrible and you can’t change that, at least try not to take any photos.

You're Never Going to be Cool Again, So Why Try?

This is a sad truth, but it remains the truth. Dads are never going to be cool, certainly not in the eyes of their kids. Unless you score the winning penalty in a World Cup final or something like that, you’re probably always going to be a boring dad with weird hobbies and a boring job. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. But if you start wearing sunglasses in November and pretending to like the latest rap sensation, you’ll only cause embarrassment.

Your embarrassing dad instincts will be going into overdrive 50 times a week, but you need to keep them in check if you want to stay on your son or daughter’s good side. Sure, it’s hard but we all have to make difficult sacrifices for our kids when we become parents!

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