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Fast-Forward To Spring With Some Serious Trip Planning

Winter may only have just begun, but it sure is making an impression on us all. And it’s not a good one. With the cold, the dark, and the gloomy nature that comes with it, is there any surprise that we’re all suffering from a case of the winter blues. Even if you’re a diehard snow fan or the Holidays are your favorite time of year, it’s not always easy to get super pumped at this time of year. So, don’t! Forget that it’s dreary and depressing for a second and skip forward to spring. Ah, spring, with it’s blossoming nature and soothing birdsong. And better yet, travel in spring can be the best it gets. So if you’re tired of this season already, and it hasn’t even really begun, it’s time to shake off the sadness with some serious spring trip planning.


First up on the agenda is somewhere just a stone's throw away - well, if you live in the states that is. Portland, Oregon is a beautiful place. But it really comes alive in springtime. Dubbed the City of Roses, it’s so easy to understand why during the spring months. If you want to introduce your little ones to all things nature, then plan a trip during the Portland Rose Festival for a whole host of family fun. That’s right, the festival comes with fireworks, parades and even a swanky flower show.


Ah, Paris! Does anyone really need an excuse to jet off to the city of romance? Even if you’ve been before, heading to the French capital is a no-brainer come spring time. The weather is beautiful; far from cold and definitely not too hot. And the buzz of the city is just starting to pick up. Plus, you beat the crowds by traveling in spring, which can be great when you have the little ones in tow.


Spring in Spain is something else. In fact, most of the time, Spain has an allure. The summer is ideal for relaxing sun-soaked vacations and during winter even the northern regions have their charm. But in spring, it’s a whole other story. Especially in Valencia. Because Valencia in spring has the Las Fallas sculpture burning festival which is always a lot of fun.


Leaving Europe behind, we’re going to head back stateside, because there are definitely some great spots you should still hit up across our homeland. Like Boston. Boston is beautiful year-round, but in spring the city is something else. Alongside the beautiful blossom, you’ve also got the first pitch at Fenway Park for any sports fans.

Washington D.C.

And how could we not end with Washington D.C.? It’s a great city to see whenever the moment strikes, but in spring, you’ve got the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival to enjoy. Be sure to take a river cruise or a guided bike ride while in town too, because the family will want to take in everything the city has to offer.

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