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Gardening Can Be Educational For Kids!

Gardening can be so exciting if you make it that way. Even for the kids. In this day and age, kids are so glued to their smartphones or gaming consoles, that by the time they’re teenagers they’re angry smartphone addicted people with little knowledge of the world. It may sound a little harsh, but it’s just how this generation is being brought up. Don’t let yourself fall into this category, There are so many ways for your kids to explore nature, and the world. One of the easiest being gardening. It’s literally right outside your back door. Check out these ideas to help get your kids into gardening and make it a little more educational.

You first need to make the whole gardening experience easier for them by making your garden a little more kid friendly. If you’ve got more patio or decking than you have compared to grass, look to switching it up. To enjoy the garden, they first need to have one. If grass isn’t your thing, why not check out artificial grass. Children learn so much easier through play, and it’s hard to play safely on patio. Artificial grass solves the issue of the mess normal grass would create. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at Evergreens artificial grass. It’ll solve a lot of issues when it comes to playing in the garden.

This might get messy, so pack your baby wipes. There’s nothing better than letting kids get hands on with what you’re doing. Baking, housework, and gardening are all great for doing this. Start by teaching them the importance of patience when it comes to the fine art of gardening. It’s likely that you’ll plant a seed or two, then two days later will have to deal with the tantrums of a flower not appearing. If you listen carefully enough, you’ll hear the screams already… Talk them through the whole process and explain the importance of waiting for a seed to grow properly, try and associate it with a baby growing into a toddler, they might be able to understand it a little better.

One other thing you could do is grow your own healthy food. This combines the knowledge of learning how to tend to your own food, at the same time as learning the importance of healthy organic food. Start with something easy such as tomatoes. They don’t take that long to grow, and can easily be planted in a plant pot if you don’t have enough soil. Let them take part in the process right from planting through to cooking. They’ll be so much more invested in eating foods they wouldn’t usually do if they’ve grown it themselves. It’s so common for kids to be addicted to junk food, and palm off anything healthy. Growing their own should eliminate this issue.

Gardening can be so educational and fun in so many different ways. Even though the weather might deteriorating slightly, it’s still not excuse. Get out there, show them a good time, and teach them the importance of gardening.

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