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Why Going Outside Is Overrated

When it comes to being a fully grown adult, with all the responsibilities we should be getting on with, we’re often left with 0 of the 24 hours we have in the day left for us. Thus, going outside gets waylaid, not to mention how expensive it can be as well. So, just to make us feel better, and with a few grains of truth thrown in, here’s a few reasons as to why going outside is overrated.

We Want More Time on the Sofa

Let’s be real here, when it comes to sitting down after a long day, or even just a long morning, we don’t ever want to move again. We keep an eye on our kids at our feet, hoping they’ll keep on playing quietly, but then they jump up and start running around again. You can’t ever blame them for this, they have a lot of energy to waste, so try to use it productively.

Home Time Can Be Just as Fun

There’s so much that can be done with a few good hours at home, and honestly it doesn’t get the rep it deserves. Yes going outside means we get more exercise into our day, whether it be a quick trip to the shop or otherwise. And yet, that can be done at home just as well!

So if you have a pet you’re not going to want to put them on the treadmill, that’s unethical apparently (and also completely right when that’s said), but get your group activity mindset on and try some family stuff in the comfort of your own living room.

Twister is always fun to collapse in laughter over, and having your own cartoon marathon instead of the cinema means you can watch whatever and skip the boring parts. Get your popcorn out and have a great time together at home!

Try a Greenhouse to Make it Easier

Making sure the garden looks top notch during the summer is very hard hitting when it comes to finding any notch of motivation to do so. It can of course be quite relaxing, but when those tomatoes fail to flower, how are you going to feel? Even the tomatoes have beaten us as busy parents!

If you’re really that mad about gardening, and let’s be honest a lot of people are even before hitting retirement, get yourself a greenhouse. Trying something on a smaller scale means you’re guaranteed to have more success with it than trying to keep those sunflowers climbing the fence in the summer. If you’re looking for something wooden, and a little rustic to suit your old time farmer feelings, then try South West Greenhouses. Plenty of models and colors are on offer, and it saves all that wasted painting time.

This post isn’t advocating for never going outside at all, that’s unrealistic, and also unhealthy at the end of the day. Yet, don’t feel like a bad person for not doing it as much as you think you should.

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