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Stubble Is Back With A Sworn Vengeance On The Clean Shaven Look

There used to be a time when men were expected to have their faces smooth as a baby’s bottom. For some reason this look was appealing as during the baby boomer generation, this one the look of all men who were seen as competent and smart. Well, gramps, it’s time you moved over and let the Millennials take the reins because things have changed. Somewhere along the line, suddenly, ladies didn’t mind that rough and gruffle of a man’s beard, and we finally got a reason to be lazy. It’s always great to travel without the need to worry about your facial hair, so throw away your shaving kit and focus more on your family. But how is it best to go about getting the stubble style?

It has to be neat

Sadly, stubble is more or less a timing thing, because you have to shave completely, so you’re smooth, then grow your beard out. Generally, you’ll get a stubble which is around 2-3 millimeters long between 2-4 days. Women think that this level of stubble is the most attractive according to some modern studies of sexual preferences in men’s facial hair. Then comes the maintenance, because once you have it at that size, now you have to keep it that way. But your body doesn’t care about wooing the ladies; it’s just going to do what it always does, as that is growing new cells. A normal shaver won’t do, you have to look at beard trimmers, and don’t be afraid to fork out a little because you need the trimmers which have very minute levels of depth to choose from. Go over the stubble once every two days, to maintain that rugged look.

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It will begin to itch

As hair grows, the follicle is literally, pushing out a tough, wiry structure out of your skin. Man oh man, it's going to be irritating, and yes, it's going to itch like crazy. But, nothing to fear, because what you can do for this is to soothe and massage the area along with a hygiene routine. What usually causes this freaking horrible itching craving, is the hair itself. To grow, strong and healthy hair, it will steal hydration from the surrounding skin to prevent it from being dry. Hair does this because it needs a lot of natural oils to keep it protected from water and the sun. But that does no favours for your skin. So, every two days or so rub a little beard oil into your stubble and skin. This will create a coating which calms the hair down and tells it to behave. The skin around your hair can then carry on about its business and shed the dead skin cells, and grow new ones without becoming dry and flaky.

Stubble is back, and partly gives dudes a chance to relax and not have to pinch and stretch our skin, because we’re trying to shave your face. We should leave the shaving to the women, and rock out our stubble. It's manly, and women like it. All you need to do is maintain it and understand why irritation might occur and have ways ready to combat it.

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