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Taking Care Of Kids The Fun Way!

Having kids is possibly one of the best, but most stressful thing you could do to yourself. You’re going to enjoy sleepless nights, nappy changes and the inevitable throwing up of food that’s just been fed to them, all over your work clothes. Horrible realities aside, there are some things that you can do to make taking care of the kids fun and interesting, so carry on reading to find out about them!

Muslin Wraps

Incredibly underrated and underused is the humble muslin wrap. These things have been around for a ridiculously long amount of time because they have so many different uses. Firstly, they are pretty hard wearing so you’re not going to worry about some cheeky devil tearing it apart or biting their way through it! You can do a huge amount of things with them, from making a baby sling with them to a pram cover, you can even use it for you and your child to play with, perhaps as a ghost or some other scary monster. They’re cheap so you should definitely invest in one!

Designed Cutlery

Okay so we all know that kids will prefer to use their hands to eat over pretty much anything, however when they start to get a bit bigger you’re going to have to teach them the art of using a knife and fork. This can be difficult and boring to start off with, it’s an essential skill that they have to learn but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can get specially designed kids cutlery that is shaped differently and has different parts to it that your kids can interact with and play with, meaning that dinner time is that extra bit more fun (even though it might take a bit longer!)

Cleaning Up Games

Taking good care of your kids also means that you have to allow them to learn how to take care of themselves, which comes in the form of being able to clean up! Of course, we don’t expect kids to be able to clean the plates and dishes though we wish they would, what we’re talking about is putting toys away after they’ve used them, simple stuff like that. You can play games with them to see who can put the most toys away in a given amount of time, or even who does it the quietest, if it’s a game then kids aren’t going to know that they’re doing a job! There are a few techniques that are used in schools that you can read about here so it’s good to read up on them to get a bit of preparation!

Doing all of these things is going to make taking care of the kids much more fun than it is hard! You’ve got a muslin wrap for your kids to play and for you to wrap them up in, they’ll have funky new cutlery that they’ll be able to play with and actually want to use and you’ll be playing games to clean things up so they get the skills they need in later life taught to them early on. Kids are funny little things, they often say that truth comes from the mouths of babes, can it can be hilarious to see with what truths they come out with, so read this to have a look at the funniest things that kids say!

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