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film ideas: how we make movie night totally bonkers.

We loved films. I don't know why I just put that in the past tense, because we still love films. Actually, I know exactly why I past tensed that phrase; it's because the cinema is no longer a viable option for us (thanks a lot child). I mean, sure, we could find a film we really want to see, organise a babysitter, oh and a taxi, and then find a screening time that isn't so early we can't have dinner as a family and isn't so late that we'll miss the second half of the film through that thing doctor's call parental fatigue (which is a chronic illness we all catch at the birth of our first child). Luckily, the universe delivered us Netflix, which is a gift from the movie-gods and the greatest blessing this side of legal.

However, there are two issues with Netflix:

1. there is too much choice, which means we scroll through films for approx. 55 minutes before deciding it's now too late to start a film.

2. it doesn't offer the same experience or wow-factor as the cinema.

That's where we come in. My mad little family has solved both these issues.

So, The Movie Bowl.

I want to take credit for this invention because it is genius. However, I can't. And that's because mummy came up with this epic invention, an invention that saves you time and prevents any arguments from breaking out. What's more, it is so bloody simple. All you need is a bowl, a pen, and some paper. What happens is, every time you see a film on Netflix that you want to watch, or whenever you fall in love with a trailer, or get reminded of a childhood classic (or anything like that), simply write it down on a piece of paper, fold it in half a few times and then drop it in The Movie Bowl. Do this over and over and over. (This is where the magic happens) then when it comes to your lovey-dovey night in, instead of spending it flicking through Netflix and arguing about the pros of cons of watching Con Air instead of Bridget Jones, you just have to pull a film out of The Movie Bowl. Amazing. But there is one rule: whatever you choose, you have to stick with it. That's the rule. But bingo; you're romance hasn't been squashed. Instead your film is chosen, your popcorn is ready, there's a straw in your wine, you're still the best of friends and you can both be in bed by 9.15pm. You. Are. Welcome.

Giving Your Movie Night The Wow-Factor.

Whilst we would totally do this in public, if you are just coming across this idea for the first time then we recommend you take some baby steps; dabble in it from the comfort of your own home a little bit first, then go wild with it and soak up the embarrassment it causes without exception. All it takes is a dressing-up box (or an eclectic wardrobe) and mimicking the costume design of the film you are about to embrace. It's fun, creative, exciting, a little bit competitive, a little bit foolish, and totally liberating. To help you out, I have uploaded a few of my own previous attempts, all of which I am 100% embarrassed by (except for the Mission Impossible one, that one I'm impressed with. Just keep looking at it, admire the detail and the effort. That was a win for me that night).

mission impossible 2

(I could so be ethan hunt)

in the heart of the sea

(Chris Hemsworth at his worst is Me at my best. urgh) ​

Straight Outta Compton

(okay, I orIginally did this to get a retweet from Jay-Z and Mikill Pane,

but it inspired me to watch the film straight after)


(I am the worst billy Hope ever. period.)

The Last Of The Summer Wine

(there was nothing else on and i had accidentally dressed up as compo)

We watch sport too. mainly rugby.

(If you work for the All Blacks and require someone to step-up,

well, I'm your guy. See.)

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