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5 winter warmers: turn rainy days into fun.

As parents, we are the creators of fun and originators of cool ideas. But keeping our awesome arsenal of clever, colourful, awe-inspiring arts and crafts up to date is a task easier said than done. But fear not, because I have spoken to some fellow parents- those born with creative genius - and compiled a list of the top 5 hassle-free activities sure to bust boredom right open and spray rainbows all over the place. Woohoo.

1. Magical Garden For The Garden Fairies

To you and me, it’s just a plant pot with a teeny-tiny birdhouse shoved in the middle with a few painted stones dotted around it. But to a kid. Oh to a kid this is a magical fairyland where the the garden fairies live and that so called glitter, well, that’s pixie dust obviously.

2. Living Room Arcade Games

Skee-ball. It’s a classic. It’s hours of fun and friendly competition and fist-bumping. And it is easy. Forget design plans and cardboard and staple guns and all that. Just build a ramp out of an old box and place a few laundry-baskets the other side with different points on the. Easy. You’re now ready to start flinging some balls and scoring big.

3. Bubbles Always Win

Bubbles are the source of endless fun. I don’t mean you have to blow bubbles until your lungs fail or press play on a bubble machine until the batteries die. I mean explore the world of bubbles, from bubble painting to making magic bubble wands out of straws to creating mini volcanoes that explode with colour. Ooooooo.

4. Make Your Window Into Canvas

Yes, the picture above is intricate, but this doesn’t have to be the case. All you have to do is get some coloured transparency sheets from somewhere like a pound store, cut them into wacky shapes and sizes, dip them into water and stick them onto the window. Now sit back and watch the light dance into your living room. Wow.

5. Story Stones

I love this one. Why not get some stones or pebbles (they’re free, which is pretty cool) and paint loads of totally random things on them. I’m talking boats and tigers and raindrops and unicorns and flowers and castles and anything else you can think of. Then have your kid or kids make stories out of them; put them in an order and then talk you and your family through their story. It’s a great way to keep that imagination alive.

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