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omg! how are you 1 already?

Phoebe Isla, you're 1.

Happy Birthday sweetheart; the happiest, most loving, cheeky little monkey the world has ever known - and I hope you always are.

My love for you is immeasurable, I love you with all of me. When you smile your whole face scrunches around your button nose and your eyes turn almond shaped and glisten like Africa's stars. I love the noises you make. The way you stick out your tongue when you take a mouthful of food. The way you stick out your tongue when you give me a kiss, the wettest kiss, the bestest kiss. I love the way you shrink into your shoulders to shrug and go all coy when you're happy. The way you wave at me as if you're the queen. The way you make all our worries disappear and bring joy to absolutely everyone, a tonic for life's hardships. The way you crawl to me like a comodo dragon, pull yourself up on my trousers and look up at me wanting a cuddle. You're my perfect little girl. I love the way you climb the stairs with a mischievous smile, the same smile as when you climb out of your high chair and onto the table when we're trying to feed you.

I love the way you shake your head when we say no and then carry on anyway, laughing at us, my fantastic little rebel. I love the way you shake your head when you dance, the way you dance in the mornings, the way you wake me up by either giving me a dentist appointment or putting your soggy dummy in my mouth. I love it when you wake up in the night and burrow yourself into your mum and then me and then mum and then me.

My heart aches with love, as if the cracks have been mended. My eyes twinkle with joy, my chest swells with mischievous pride, and my head can't grasp that I have a one year old.

Stay beautiful, stay mad, stay small.

All of our love,

Mum and Dad

(The Mad Ones)💋

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