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kids say the darnedest things.
romania. arguably the oddest place ever.
how we make movie night totally bonkers.

Life is an adventure, and if you were raised in the type of family that thought adventure was getting on a plane at the last minute to just ‘go’, then you’ll a

Youngsters are voracious when it comes to exploring and soaking up new experiences, no matter how old they are. Life is all about making memories that last for

Every parent wants their kid do well in life. We choose our next house based on the quality of schools around it, and pick our friends according to how they can...

Flying with kids can be tense. Even if you’ve flown with them many times before, and they’re usually pretty cool with the whole thing, you always know there’s

Winter may only have just begun, but it sure is making an impression on us all. And it’s not a good one. With the cold, the dark, and the gloomy nature that com

Before parenthood, everyone has an idea of how they will cope with pester power. Unlike every other parent that has gone before, they will be different. They will be able to tell their screaming child - firmly and politely - that they can’t have something. They will ri...

The title of this post is entirely accurate. Homesickness is horrific but of course, it could be worse. North Korea could unleash it's seemingly newly advanced nuclear capability onto South Korea or Guam or wherever else Kim Jong-Un takes a dislike too. The Donald may...

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Spain is known worldwide as the country that has relaxing down to a fine art. Siestas, relaxed cultural attitudes and generally friendly people (so long as you don’t argue football) all contribute to a beautiful and gorgeous country that absolutely demands...

Phoebe was only 5 months old and we were defeated parents, sallow in skin, waving the white flag as we lost more and more ground in the battle of babydom. Mum was exhausted from having to get up every 2 hours to breastfeed Phoebe and I was exhausted from having to list...

I have an absolute infatuation with big words (e.g. hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long word). However, the greatest word ever invented is yes. One syllable and incredible. Yes is an adventure. Yes is the unknown. Yes is new experiences. Yes is life...

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About Me

hey! i'm will, the creator of my mad little family. not literally. i mean i didn't give birth. that bit mummy did. i just mean creator as in creator of this blog.

anyway, i'm totally incompetent as a parent and totally unqualified to give you any advice, trust me. saying that, trump is totally incompetent and unqualified to be president. so yeah, sit back, laugh a little, share a little and ignore absolutely everything i say. 

love, hugs n' a bit of ciao.


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