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kids say the darnedest things.
romania. arguably the oddest place ever.
how we make movie night totally bonkers.

Everyone has passions in life when they are older, and a lot of these stem back from when you were a kid. As a parent yourself, this puts you under a lot of pr

Do you see kids and think, “god they're entitled?!” Maybe you do, but now, it seems that there's a lot of pressure being put on dads not to be so overbearing.

“Daddy, can I have a pony,” those words are enough to strike fear into the heart of many a loving father. After all, ponies are as expensive as they are cute.

One day, my beautiful girl will grow up to realize that Daddy is actually pretty square. (I know, I know, that profile pic on the right makes me look super cool...

A photo of a child who is very much regretting pestering for that hat. As a parent, you have likely been schooled on the idea that pester power -- which effect

Nothing can prepare you for the moment your little one starts school. Yes, they have been driving you mad for the past few years! But once they start school, yo

We don’t always have a lot of time in the morning. Come to think of it, we hardly ever have a lot of time in the morning, especially for ourselves. As parents,

When you decide to have kids, you read a lot of books – especially if you are a woman. You read books on getting pregnant. You read books on childbirth and what to expect during the throes of labour. You read books on sleep training, weaning, tantrums and tall tales an...

We are told to cherish every moment of our child’s life because, “Before you know it they will be grown up and gone”. I get the sentiment, I really do, but after...

Do you remember a time in life, the years BC (before children), where you could go on a holiday and just sit at the beach for hours on end? You could sleep in and have brunch, because, well, it has to be called that when you’re eating your breakfast at 11am. You had al...

For those of you who think the phrase "Jumping the Shark" refers to strapping a pair of water skies to your tootsies, tying your waist to one end of a rope and

This is fatherhood summed up in ten seconds. It's like the fast And Furious, but way funnier.

It’s something you hear all the time. “My kids are growing too fast!” or “they’re all big and grown up in the blink of an eye!”. While, of course, these claims

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About Me

hey! i'm will, the creator of my mad little family. not literally. i mean i didn't give birth. that bit mummy did. i just mean creator as in creator of this blog.

anyway, i'm totally incompetent as a parent and totally unqualified to give you any advice, trust me. saying that, trump is totally incompetent and unqualified to be president. so yeah, sit back, laugh a little, share a little and ignore absolutely everything i say. 

love, hugs n' a bit of ciao.


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