kids say the darnedest things.
romania. arguably the oddest place ever.
how we make movie night totally bonkers.

Well, it might be pretty much the coldest snap of weather we’ve experienced this winter, but there are hints that conditions out there are changing. Every now

Gloves ready? Shovel ready? Kids ready? Wait what?! A lot of you would dread taking your children into the garden to help out, but it actually is a lot of fun.

Gardening with your kids… the mere thought of it has probably made your skin crawl a bit! Could there be anything worse? You may have even tried it before, only to find that it was an absolute nightmare. Your children were rolling around in the dirt, destroying the flo...

As you read this right now you could be shivering with the cold, clutching a hot drink, warming yourself up with a fluffy hot water bottle, I don’t judge, and

Gardening can be so exciting if you make it that way. Even for the kids. In this day and age, kids are so glued to their smartphones or gaming consoles

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hey! i'm will, the creator of my mad little family. not literally. i mean i didn't give birth. that bit mummy did. i just mean creator as in creator of this blog.

anyway, i'm totally incompetent as a parent and totally unqualified to give you any advice, trust me. saying that, trump is totally incompetent and unqualified to be president. so yeah, sit back, laugh a little, share a little and ignore absolutely everything i say. 

love, hugs n' a bit of ciao.


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