kids say the darnedest things.
romania. arguably the oddest place ever.
how we make movie night totally bonkers.

Toddlers don't sit still. Mine doesn't anyway. It doesn't matter how much energy I awake with, how many serving spoons of coffee granules I put in my massive mug or how much crack-cocaine I smoke, I still don't have enough energy. My Phoebe is like the world's most suc...

We loved films. I don't know why I just put that in the past tense, because we still love films. Actually, I know exactly why I past tensed that phrase; it's because the cinema is no longer a viable option for us (thanks a lot child). I mean, sure, we could find a film...

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About Me

hey! i'm will, the creator of my mad little family. not literally. i mean i didn't give birth. that bit mummy did. i just mean creator as in creator of this blog.

anyway, i'm totally incompetent as a parent and totally unqualified to give you any advice, trust me. saying that, trump is totally incompetent and unqualified to be president. so yeah, sit back, laugh a little, share a little and ignore absolutely everything i say. 

love, hugs n' a bit of ciao.


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