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Need To Relax Like Never Before? Sunny Spain Could Be Your Chillin' Ticket

Spain is known worldwide as the country that has relaxing down to a fine art. Siestas, relaxed cultural attitudes and generally friendly people (so long as you don’t argue football) all contribute to a beautiful and gorgeous country that absolutely demands multiple visits. Maybe demands is a strong word. It quietly invites you with the smell of sumptuous wine and iberico hams, and that’s enough to tempt the nasal tastes of anyone reading this article, we’re sure. Of all the countries featured on our travel blog, that already helps raise it to the highest level.

Spain is much more than somewhere to relax after lunch, however. Spaniards are known for being able to go from 0 - 100 real fast when it comes to chilling and celebrating life. For this reason, Spain becomes the #1 tourist hotspot for people looking to relax like they’ve never quite relaxed before. You might even fall asleep considering it. Couple that with endless historical fascination, gorgeous weather and stunning landscapes, and you’ll wonder why you’ve holidayed anywhere else in the past.

But what should you do when visiting spain with your work, your family, your friends or by yourself? What should you prioritize if you’re simply looking for that amazing adventurous feeling of hilarity, fun, and profound enjoyment, all complimented with a baseline of zen chill? You might be tempted to travel on a long holidaying expedition through the towns along the Costa del Sol. You might be tempted to find the most gold, least feet-burning sandy beach and set root there. We couldn’t blame you.

But we’d also argue checking out these attractions:


Seville is the birthplace of tapas and the flamenco, and by that information alone you’re probably interested in visiting. Located in southern Spain, Seville stands as a testament to the most genuine Iberian party culture. If you’re looking for nightlife and hoping to avoid the standard corporatised ‘party holiday’ package deals made popular by teenagers looking for debauchery and shenanigans abroad. You’re more intelligent than that, so head to Seville, a place of genuine live music, genuine celebration, and genuine integration with it’s history and culture. Summers here are bustling with life, and has attractions for all the family.

Famous for its orange trees and cobbled streets, if you’re also looking to sightsee, this is the place to do it. If you’re looking for spectacle, and let’s face it who isn’t, you should attend in Holy Week between March 29th and April 5th. This is a purely religious celebration, as it marks the last few living days of Jesus’ life. Fortunately, the event isn’t stiflingly religious, as many people take to the streets in celebration, enjoying wine, dancing, partying and that fellow feeling that brings communities together. However, this isn’t overbearingly active, as many people spend the event in quiet contemplation, the like we wish we could keep in our insane modern work scheduling.

People work on huge and often stunning floats depicting bible scenes. No matter your religious affiliation or lack thereof, this sight is truly one to see, because of the whole community bonds around the event. That’s always a special sight to witness no matter what country you’re in, but in sunny Spain, things take on a celebratory hue that is hard to forget, depending on how much wine you drink.

If Holy Week isn’t your personal taste, or you’re simply looking for a more involved and extended partying season, then visiting a little later in the year around April 21 - 26 when Los Remedios nearby begins a week of carnivals, featuring beautiful costumes and partying. This is your time to dress up in public and dance without feeling weird about it. Despite the celebrations lasting for one week, there are multiple spillover parties and relaxations that occur either side of that week, and in fact the whole month of April is a celebration of love, spring and life. Your only problems will be getting yourself to leave at the end of your holiday, and you’ll probably be removing glitter from your body for the next year. A small price to pay.

Aquamijas Water Park, Mijas, Malaga

On the Costa Del Sol lies one of the most beautiful water parks in the country, the Aquamijas Waterpark. If you’re looking to relax away from the wine and partying of the adults, and are looking for somewhere a little more family friendly, then we’d recommend a visit here. Not only is the waterpark massive, but it has slides for people of all sizes, unless your child is an adventurous thrill seeker willing to tackle the larger slides. Just be sure to budget appropriately, because thanks to the huge demand for these facilities, the prices have been raised to deter such large numbers. Luckily, every penny is worth it, and even the shyest of family members will find themselves pulling off awesome cannonballs and slide tricks worthy of envy.

La Tomatina – Valencia Tomato Fight Festival

On an unknown and undefined Wednesday in August, the town of Bunol all collaborate in craziness and embark upon the event of the season, the tomato throwing fighting festival. Citizens from all across the town stock up on their tomato inventories and get involved in one of the reddest food fights of all time.

This might seem fun to imagine, but it’s quite another thing to witness. We just hope this article has arrived in front of you in time for you to understand what’s going on if you’re currently vacationing there. The last thing anyone needs is a tomato through their window in the early mornings of the hot summer heat. At least you’ll have the initial ingredients for a solid pizza base. However, the festivities can be watched from afar if you have a family just willing to watch and sample the local food. If anything, watching tomato cladded people trying to gain a seat in your restaurant is funny to watch.

These tips are sure to help you enjoy your relaxing holiday abroad with humour and relaxation. Sometimes, that’s all you can ask for.


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