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5 Things We Love Doing For Our Kids (Even If We Don't Think So At The Time)

Let’s face it, even after the worst of tantrums, the lack of sleep, the amount of times you’ve picked that darned beaker up off the floor, you get to the end of each day and you look at your children sleeping sweetly in their beds and you think “how did I get so lucky?!”. As parents, we are nurses, teachers, play buddies, maids and their entire world. No matter how much we moan about how little Sally didn’t behave today, or that you wish that potty training would just sink in because you’re fed up of cleaning knickers covered in wee, we love every moment of it. Here are a few more examples for you to relate to and have a good giggle at!

We watch their performances

Parents of girls especially will know this feeling. The feeling of listening to your child thudding around upstairs putting together a dance routine with their best friend, and then hearing them bound downstairs in excitement to show you. You’re probably half way through the first coffee of the day and about to catch up on TV, but we watch their lovingly put together performances and let’s face it, even if we really wanted that little bit more peace - you love it right?!

We kiss baddies even after we told them not to leap

Children are fearless and for some reason, completely deaf when we are warning them not to do something dangerous. No matter how much of a careful parent you are, you’re never always going to be there when they leap off the primary school playground equipment and graze their little knees and hands. Even though you’re muttering “I told you so”, you love the fact that you’re their baddie kisser and you make them feel better.

We laugh at their jokes

Children’s personalities are developing with each and every day, and they’ve probably begun to hear jokes going around at school and of course, they want to tell it to Mummy and Daddy. It’s likely that these jokes were around when you were at school, but you laugh, of course you laugh because it’s their little personality growing and their anticipated face needs a laugh for their satisfaction (and secretly yours too).

We cook them another dinner

Cook another dinner? No way! But, we still do it don’t we? You look at their stroppy faces and think “I simply can’t leave you without food, even though it’s so tempting right now”, and then you head back to the kitchen and cook them chicken nuggets and pizza like you probably should have done in the first place.

We read yet another bedtime story

Finally, even though at the end of every day you’re tired and wanting to crawl into your own bed, you can’t refuse that innocent little voice asking for another bedtime story. You’re torn between bed, and spending those extra few precious minutes with your little cherub. They win every time. Every. Single. Time.

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