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Prepare For Fun, Thrills...And Queues In London

Are you taking your family on a trip or perhaps just a long weekend to London? If so you’re in for a rather wonderful time that will leave your feet aching and throbbing. Don’t worry, that’s just because there’s so much to do that by the time you’re finishing seeing all the sights and taking selfies at all the experiences you will have walked five hundred miles. Wait...wrong country. Regardless, you’re sure to have a fantastic time with your family in London. At least you will once you’ve browsed through our mad little guide.

Book Tickets Wayyyy In Advance

There are various must do family experiences in London, and one of the best is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This stage show is on the West End right now. If you’re thinking ‘already bought the screenplay and read it ten times,’ trust me when I say it’s nothing like seeing it live on stage. Unfortunately, tickets sell out faster than the love potions at Wizard Wheezes, so you’ll have to get in fast if you want to go. An Extra piece of advice would be to book each part on two separate days. It might seem like a brilliant idea to see the whole show in one. It won't five hours later after you’ve had to slip out halfway through three times for toilet breaks.

Skip The Hotel

This little tip is all about making sure that can enjoy your London trip your way. It’s also going to save you quite a lot of money on food. Rather than booking a hotel for your stay in London, make sure you look at the short term rentals London Serviced Apartments offer. That will mean that you can cook your own meals, avoiding those expensive restaurant bills for four. You’ll dodge spending a tenner on fish fingers and beans from the kid's menu. And yes, you read that right, the apartments are serviced. That means you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself.

Did We Say Queues?

We sure did. The queue above is what you’ll arrive to at Heathrow airport. Kidding! That was taken at London Comic Con. But you will stumble into a lot of queues in London, particularly if you go at a busy season. Luckily, any family that regularly visits Disney World will feel right at home because a lot of the attractions now have what are essentially fast passes. Unfortunately, unlike Disney, these often come with an added cost. Are they worth paying? It really depends. If you’re heading to Thorpe Park and want to get all the biggies out of the way before you eat to avoid bringing it all back up, a FastPass is definitely the right ticket choice.

Hey, How About Travel?

There are various options for getting around London from the tube to a private Taxi. Right now, you might not find an Uber there as they are currently at war with the black cabs. A little extra advice would be to avoid driving. London traffic is manic and may result in even the most polite well-spoken driver swearing like a sailor on leave.

We hope this little guide helps you have a wonderful time in London. There is plenty to see and do that the whole family will enjoy. A favorite is definitely going to be the WB Harry Potter studio tour but remember, get those tickets early otherwise you won’t find a seat on the Hogwarts Express!

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